July 2, 2006

Emery's Recipe for Cheese

You will need:

one (1) sippy cup
2 cups whole milk
The backseat of one (1) Toyota Matrix
4 days of 100+ degree weather
one (1) Government Issued Gas-Mask

Step 1: Give sippy cup full of milk to 17 month old son in his carseat on your way to Barnes & Noble.
Step 2: Wait for your son to throw his sippy cup under the driver's seat of the car.
Step 3: Forget all about the sippy cup for 4 days.
Step 4: Ask your husband, "Have you seen the blue sippy cup anywhere? IT HAS COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED."
Step 5: Send husband out to the car to look for missing sippy cup. (Found!)
Step 6: Unscrew lid of sippy cup. (IMPORTANT: Make sure you secure your gas-mask PRIOR to opening sippy cup lid.)
Step 7: Remove chunky cheese chunk from sippy cup.

Ta Da! It's as easy as that!
Fresh Cheeeeese!


the steffenauers said...

Isn't it the truth! I don't know how many times I found rotten milk in a sippy cup, nowdays I find it in the cups my kids leave around...yuck! This definately made me laugh :) oh the joys of parenthood.

Cheatwoods said...

LOL, Jerami and I are laughing right now. This happend to me recently and I could not figudre out were that smell was coming from, I found it, it was cheese

Mommy & Nehemiah said...

I too have made cheese on accident. My brother found one of Nehemiah's bottles between the couch cushions. It was really gross. So now i try to keep all the bottles acounted for. Im sure you have also experienced rotten juice. Ive made a rule that juice is not allowed in the Avent sippy cups because their are too many nooks and crannys. That is one difficult smell to get rid of.