June 20, 2006

The Weeds are in Bloom! The Weeds are in Bloom!

The weeds are finally in bloom! I would probably think that these flowers were quite beautiful if they were not painful reminders of the embarassment we suffered on their behalf.
They are like huge bright orange billboards to me... screaming "YOU ARE THE AMELIA BEDELIA OF ALL GARDENING!!" as I drive by them everyday in my car.
I even went so far as to viciously snip some of these flowers off of their branches in order to place them in a vase for my homemade 'Happy Fathers Day' bouquet, and it felt pretty darn good to decapitate them (snip snip snip) just to show them who's in control around here... I AM. Stupid weed flowers.

Ezra has had a cold the last few days and it has been SNOT CITY around these parts. Everytime I turn around there is more snot bursting from his nose. I'm trying to keep up with it all, but it's like an unstopable lava flow that is dangerously icky and gross. The other day, I saw some more boogs escaping, so I ran to get a tissue, and by the time I had gotten back, Ezra had managed to smear the whole boog in his eyebrow. And I mean SMEARED. I tried to capture the beauty of it on film:

Can you see it? I don't think his eyebrow will ever be the same.

So, needless to say, we've been lying low this week and watching a lot of Disney movies and eating a lot of blueberries. He's got a slight fever today, and he fell asleep sitting straight up on my lap around 10:00 this morning, and he' still passed out as I type this at 1:30pm. Poor Mr Bear.

Chris and I decided to go buy him a new toy because he was being such a trooper after being cooped up for days and days while feeling like poo, so we went and got him this great 'Little People Barn' toy. It came with a free DVD too, and the theme song on the DVD is sung by Aaron Neville, which is pretty awesome except that the song is like 20 minutes long and they play it every 5 seconds or so. Someone was a little overexcited about the fact that AARON NEVILLE sang the Little People Sample DVD theme song for them, and they went a little theme song crazy. (I can just picture the middle-aged woman with big curly hair and BANGS shouting, "AGAIN! AGAIN! We must put the theme song on there JUST ONE MORE TIME!")

He LOVES this thing. He sits on it, sticks his legs through the doors, shoves the horsey out the window, tears down the fences, and imitates the snoring noise that plays when you press the Farmer's bed. Watch out, garden hose. There's a new toy on the block... and its name is LITTLE RED BARN.


Cheatwoods said...

I dont like day lillie`ws but those onses are pretty! Sorry about the eyesbrow boggies!!!

brooke said...

the barn/farm is a huge hit at our house too, both of my kids LOVE it.

Rebecca L. said...

I LOVE the Neville picture...

Britt said...

I pulled some flowers out of my yard a few weeks ago that I thought were weeds. It wouldn't have been so bad had I not been the one who planted them there in the first place.

Cheers to the non-gardeners.