April 16, 2006

Green Thumbs! (red faces)

Okay, so you know all those weeds I told you we pulled the other day? Funny thing....

We spent HOURS digging these things up by the roots and really clearing the ground because these weed things were everywhere and we didn't want it to look like we didn't care about our yard, you know? It was really hard work, and we finished all of the front part of the house, but only part of the side. We were really proud of the work we'd done and hoped our landlord would notice that we cared about the place and were a good little family that pulled their weeds.

So, a couple days ago, this black SUV comes speeding into our driveway as Chris was out watering, and a sweaty, winded landlord jumped out of the driver's seat.

Winded Landlord: "I'm glad I caught you!", he gasped to Chris. "Have you been doing some digging?"
Chris: "Why yes we have! We pulled lots of weeds and planted some flowers!"
Winded landlord: "Oh... well, the thing is... those weren't weeds... Those were flowers that bloom in July."

...a k w a r d ... p a u s e....

Chris: "oh....really?"

Needless to say, we felt a tiny bit ridiculous.

I had been just inside the front door when I saw the landlord pull up and heard him say this about the "weeds" we'd pulled, and I quickly decided that the best action I could take in that moment was to hide behind the couch and wait until he was gone. (Not my proudest moment, but I really did this).

Does anyone know the best way to re-plant the flowers I "weeded"? And also, can you instruct me in such a way that I could do this re-planting in the darkest cover of night?


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Cheatwoods said...

LOL did he say what kind of flowers they were??