April 6, 2006

"Wha is dat?"

Today was a good day.

I hung out with Susanna in the morning and then hung out with Erin this afternoon. I've been a regular social butterfly today! It may not seem like much from the outside, but these interactions with other adult human-beings really make life a whole lot more manageable for me. Something about being cooped up with a little person who doesn't say a whole lot brings to mind scenes from 'The Shining'...
"All work and no play makes Emery a dull mom" written over and over and over again on crisp white stacks of paper...

While Susanna was over earlier, I was holding Ezra and he pointed up to the ceiling fan and said CLEAR AS DAY "Wha is dat?"
Susanna and I looked at eachother in shock. Did he just really say that?? I think it was a total fluke, but maybe it wasn't... It was the STRANGEST thing to suddenly hear english coming out of my son's mouth. It hit my ear and took a few seconds to de-code itself and sink into my brain before I realized that it was a complete sentence. And before I knew what I was doing, I was answering him like it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. "Why, Ezra, that's a ceiling fan!" I said, looking at him uneasily like maybe he had been understanding everything I've said since the day he was born.

My mom tells me that the very first thing I ever said was, "I love you" while the whole family was sitting at the dinner table one night. She said that it was clear as day, but then I didn't say anything else for months. I think to myself, "Wow! I must have been very advanced!" and get to feeling quite proud. Then she tells me that I didn't walk until I was one and a half...
(I was obviously too engrossed mentally to trouble myself with the physical act of walking.) hehe.

I love:
greasy chicken bits
Oklahoma trees
big manicured lawns
and crushed ice and pepsi.

Isn't it funny how we can have more faith that God has everything under control when we are looking at other people's lives, but when we think of our own lives it all just looks like a jumbled jigsaw puzzle that won't ever come together to make the picture we want it to? But the same God that's in control of their lives is in control of mine. If I can have faith for good things for others, I need to have it for myself too... basic reasoning skills, right?


Hadara said...

Interesting...I always find myself praying for things and then adding, "If it's your will, of course." Always wanting wanting wanting and never acknowledging. Yesterday, I was walking down beautiful sunny breezy 10th street, looking up through the trees to the sky and puffy clouds, with my beautiful boyfriend and his lovely little pit bull puppy, and I had one of those "moments" where you remember to just say thanks for everything...

Cheatwoods said...

Wow, big boy! watch out I think soon we are going to be loning for the days when there was silence in the house!! LOL