April 7, 2006

Sleep Kicking

Ezra seems to be teething really badly the last couple of days. When he's teething, his nose runs a constant stream of goo and he can't sleep at night and he hardly eats anything. When we do get him to finally eat, his tummy is so upset from all the nose goo that he throws up. (I hope none of you are trying to eat while reading this.) He seriously seems miserable and I wish I could take his pain away... Poor itty bitty dude-meister...

We brought him into our bed to sleep with us last night and he kept waking up and rolling around every couple of minutes. Whenever we bring him in our bed to snuggle, he ends up turning completely sideways with his head near my face and his feet level with Chris' throat. (did I mention he KICKS while he sleeps?) So, needless to say, I quite enjoy this sleeping arrangement, while Chris finds it quite bothersome. (he says it's even worse when Ezra is wearing his cute little zip-up footie PJ's... He's convinced that the feet of these pajamas are actually made of a sandpaper-like substance.)

Anywho- It's Friday and I love Fridays. That means the weekend is here and Chris will be around the house with us for a couple of days. PLUS, when Chris left for work this morning he had a smile on his face. Not just a regular smile... it was an "answer to my prayers" kindof smile.

Things To Do Today:
-wash Ezra's pukey clothes
-track down all of the playing cards Ezra has scattered around the house. (I think he's rehearsing for an easter egg hunt.)
-rescue the porch swing. (it blew over the side of our porch yesterday from the 1000mph wind gusts and got tangled in our bushes.)


Cheatwoods said...

Poor boy, Josiah has his K9s coming in!! Its horrible isnt it!! And to think they are going to have about 30 something in the end! Oh joy!! He is so cute Emery!! We all love yoU!!

Anonymous said...

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