September 11, 2011

Truman Arthur, 6 months.

UGH. Total perfection, this babe.

I adore him so hard, sometimes when I'm holding him I just want to ABSORB him... engrave him into my memory like pressed tin so as to never forget. Those eyes, those lashes, that big toothy grin... I want to be able to run my fingers over these sweet things until they are worn smooth from the years.

He gurgles and coos and it sounds like cuteness incarnate. Like, I want to gather up his quiet little sounds and pet them and squeeze them and name them George.

He loves ears. And brothers. And brother's ears.

He's working on tooth 7 & 8 right now. SEVEN AND EIGHT. Try and wrap your mind around THAT.

(He has been kind to me though, the toothy monster, while breastfeeding. Unlike some of my other toothy children were. *cough*MYER*cough*cough*)

Life without Truman Arthur would be... less sparkly. Less giggly. Less drooly!

I am so thankful for him, this boy number three.

Happy 6 months, little Tru! You are the cherry on top!


mrs boo radley said...

Way incredibly cute.

autumn said...

6 months?! NO way, he was just born!

bandofbrothers said...

he really is the cutest thing ever. his eyes are HUGE and amazing and beautiful!

Rachael said...

Awwwww! I love this addition to your family (duh). He's sooooo sweet. I love to just come drool over pictures of him for a mid-day mood pick up.

SUPAHMAMA! said...

Just looking at that sweet baby makes my uterus ache! Absorb him already since I can't squeeze on him myself!

Two Cent Sparrow said...

Those EYES! Oh my!!

I can not believe he is 6 MONTHS already. Crazy

Chelsea said...

so sweet!

Sarah said...

that boy looks just like you! what a sweetie!

bebe bird beck said...

His little eyes and hats kill me!!

Anonymous said...

He is SUCH an adorable baby! And 8 teeth already? My daughter is just getting her first 2 at 9 months. Craziness.

misguided mommy said...

you lie. he is not that old? isn't he like two weeks old?? I just don't believe it. I mean, reading stuff like this freaks me out. Where is time going? I blinked and suddenly your baby is 6 months old. That means in that same blink my babies grew 6 months and HOW IS THIS HAPPENING.


I just don't believe it.