May 8, 2011

Where the Rubber Meets the Road.

I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of being a wife and mommy when I was young.

I was more interested in GI Joes and playing down by the creek and writing poetry so sappy it could choke a horse.

(Bald eagles! Purple Mountains! World peace! People crying! ALWAYS with the people crying!)

Even when I was planning my own wedding all those years later, the desire to have kids was hardly a blip on my radar screen.

I'm sure Chris and I had talked about wanting two or three kids EVENTUALLY, but even then it seemed like such a far away, vague concept.

And then, just six months after we said "I do", it hit me like a freight train.

I just had to be a mommy.

Now, looking back, I can see that it was always there deep inside of me- this desire to nurture and comfort and love.

I think it was just hiding behind a fear of coming up short... of not having enough to give when the rubber met the road.

But the one thing that having kids has taught me is this:

The place where the rubber meets the road is holy ground. God has been faithful to meet me there every single time, and He is filling my heart and my home with more motherly love than I EVER dreamed possible.


Happy Mother's Day to you mamas out there, heartfelt prayers and love to those who long to be mamas but have not yet seen those longings fulfilled, and comfort to those whose mamas are no longer here with you to be celebrated on this day.

Love love love to you ALL!!


Anonymous said...

This puts a huge smile on my face.
So proud and honored to have you as my wife, and in constant awe of the mother you have become to our boys!

I love you Emery.


Chelsea said...

aw, this made me smile too!

happy mother day girl!

your boys are just so handsome!

Rebekah said...

I especially love that last picture -- Truman looks like he's getting into the action! Very sweet post, happy Mother's day!

Lil Muse Lily said...

haven't been here in a while.
you all look great. the boys are growing beautifully.
hope you had a great mother's day

Charlotte said...

Huzzah! One of my favorite mother's day posts! Beautifully said. (And I loved the part about sappy poetry. Been there, done that.)

Danae said...

I love it! You guys are awesome!

MarvelousMOM said...

You have such a beautiful family! :)

Jonathan and Jen Bryce said...

beautiful, beautiful!!!! love you em.

Jessi said...

You have THE most adorable family! Just had to let you know (altho I'm sure you already knew that ;)