December 20, 2010

All I Want For Christmas is an Inflatable Donut to Perch Upon.

Oh, hey there blog! I... didn't see you there! How's... your mom?

I'm sorry I have disappeared the last week or maybe, ahem, two? I am in Christmas mode and have been getting everything ready for Saturday. SATURDAY!! I can't believe it's already almost Christmas! I am so excited!

Chris' sister Candace has been in town the last couple of days and it has been so amazing getting to see her and have great conversations with her about life and God and all the exciting things going on with her. She's entering into her final semester of nursing school... we are so proud! It's SO cool hearing her talk about all the crazy stuff she's learned. She's so passionate about it all and she just lights up when she talks about it. She's a smart cookie, and she's going to make an amazing nurse!!

One of the gifts she bought the boys was a gingerbread house, which, of course, was a HUGE hit. And it turned out so pretty!


Myer was sick a couple of weeks ago and then his fever came back again yesterday, so I took him in to the doctor to make sure there was nothing going on with his ears or throat or anything. He was all clear today, but his fever is making him feel a bit lousy and he hasn't been eating well for a while now. Why is this kid always such a mystery??? Maybe he's teething. Or it's a virus. Or his allergies? Or something else entirely? I wish I knew so I could help the dude. He's such a precious punkin.


As far as pregnancy goes, I am feeling really great! I will be 27 weeks on Wednesday, which means I am only ONE week away from my third trimester! Crazy beans. This baby will be here in no time. The latest developments are LOTS of hiccups (for baby) and a very sore tailbone (for mamma). I've injured my tailbone a few times in my life, and it seems to be more painful with each pregnancy. I'm pretty sure Myer re-injured it again when he was born, and it bothers me especially when the weather changes drastically.

I'm... a gimpy geezer. And I'm seriously contemplating asking for one of those little inflatable donuts to sit on for Christmas. hahaha.


Mandy said...

Your bump is so cute! I am 29 weeks tomorrow, and I noticed tons of hiccups this week, too. So fun! Sorry to hear about the painful tailbone! I think that is my worst fear- breaking my tailbone while giving birth! Yikes!

Merry Christmas!

Mandy @ she breathes deeply

Cara said...

What two ADORABLE little peanuts you have! I love how sweet Ezra is to his little brother. How precious. Thanks for sharing! Be sure to check out my blog, I'm a sister in Christ! :D Merry Christmas!

Chelsea said...

yey for a cute baby bump!

the boys laying together warms my heart. they are both too precious.

Mae Burke said...

So I've mentioned this on my blog, but not yours, our due dates our one day apart :]

I totally support your inflatable donut request

Candace said...

awww...Emery I had such a wonderful time with you guys! I love our conversations late into the evening, and know I can always confide in you! Thanks for the great time and I hope your time with you parents is absolutely refreshing!

MrsDixon said...

You look so great! And, oh girl, I feel your tailbone pain! I have had it since about week 10 and totally have to bring a doughnut pillow to work! Everytime someone looks at it funny, I have to say " It's not hemmoroids, I swear!"

Terese said...

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you and your family. I look forward to following your blog in 2011. It has been so much fun learning and leaning over the internet to find soul and heart from more than just the copy but from the comment box as well. Your family is in my prayers as it grows again.

Alivia said...

The photo of your boys is so, so sweet. It makes me melt. And you look lovely!