July 26, 2010

Plane and Not-So-Simple.

We are going on a trip to Utah to see my parents soon, just the boys and I. Chris is staying back because it's the busiest time of year with his business.

What this means is that the boys and I will be flying. I have flown with the boys by myself before and we have managed very well, except this time I am a little worried because Myer is no longer a baby-blob, he's more like a... 25 lb. tornado. A 25 lb. tornado who does not actually have a little tornado seat of his own for the flight. He will be in my lap. haha.

I'm thinking duct tape?

Do any of you have tips for flying with extremely active toddlers? In your lap? We flew with Ezra in our lap a couple of times when he was around Myer's age, but Ezra's personality was/is such that all we had to do was turn on a movie and the kid turns into a statue.

Any tips you guys could give would be MUCH appreciated! :)


Hunnybee said...

Snacks and juice boxes. Lots of 'em. Good luck!

Flo Paris Oakes said...

2 words: drink service.
For you of course.

Danae said...

If you can, get right in the front of the plane, or in the very back. That way for most of the flight he can be standing on the floor and he'll have some room to move. I'll be praying the flight isn't full and the seat next to you is empty, so you can put toys or books on it for him. I took Ethan on a plane ride by myself when he was about that age...and he barfed a whole can of apple juice and two hour old milk on the nice man sitting next to us. I only tell you this so that whatever happens you know you are not alone. And hey, it'll be a good blog. ;)

Laura said...

Snacks. New toys. Sheets of cheap stickers.

Joel Limpic said...
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Joel Limpic said...


Anonymous said...

I have never experienced your dilemma before but the poster who said new toys that he has never seen before and snacks and stickers sounds like she knows what she's talking about.

A.M.H. said...

Every time I've flow with Landon I immediately go to the ticket window at the airport and ask if they can block a seat next to me. If they have empty seats they usually will. That way the three of you can have your own row.

Also, I always buy Landon a new toy and then whip it out for the first time when he starts getting fussy. The novelty of something new to play with lasts for awhile.

Oh, and a lollipop. A rare treat he gets only when I need him to be quiet for awhile.

Have fun with your family!

Jill said...

Just found your blog, and love it, BTW. I recently flew with my 4 and 18 month old. Here are a smattering of helpful things:
-Variety of snacks in small quantities. Not just a big bag o' pretzels, but 5 bags of different things.
-I second the lollipop
-New books- that DO stuff, lift the flap, slide open... whatever
-Cheap stickers
-Matchbox cars & a shoebox lid. Draw a racetrack in the lid.
Good luck!!!

Claudia Guerreiro said...

i wish you all the luck! i will be doing the same with Lily in september when we fly to Portugal. i like the benadryl and the drink service advice above. ;)

we are doing our first giveaway. would love you to be a part of it!


Emily said...

Bring his carseat with you and gate check it if there is no available seat. If there is a seat available, use it.

Call the airline and ask them to assign you and Ezra a window and an aisle. Then, it's less likely someone will be stuck in the middle seat between you. Windows and aisles fill first. You can always trade with the middle seat person, if you need to.

New toys help. Something he's never played with before that you can pull out at the right moment. Also, there's always the Benedryl option, which only works for some kids. Don't use it unless you know for a fact that Benedryl knocks him out. It makes some kids hyper.

I don't recommend the benedryl, personally, because a doctor friend of mine told me it slows your brain function for up to 48 hours, and that's just not a very nice way to feel, especially for a baby.

But it does work in desperate situations.

Emery Jo said...

These are great suggestions!! THANK YOU ALL!

I can't do the carseat because I can only lug so much stuff through the airport by myself, and the flight is FULL and a Southwest flight so they don't assign seats.

I would use Benadryl but Myer has to be on Benadryl pretty much everyday because of all of his crazy allergies, so he has become immune to the sleepy effect of it.

I think snacks and movies are going to be my best bet?

Jill- your ideas are SO creative, I'm going to steal them all!!!


With Love, Jamie said...

Oh wow, good luck!! :/
I agree, if I were you (I have an almost 3 yr old who NEVER sits still) I would go with the new toys & lots of snacks idea!
And again, good luck!!

TLee said...

emery - we flew cross country with my son when he was just about myer's age. a few tricks:

- Crayons: You may get some mileage out of this, definitely bring them (and paper or coloring books)
- Stickers & scotch tape: bonus = super light to pack and hours of entertainment! Call out body parts and wait for him to stick it on himself (or on big brother, you, etc).
- New Books: bring plenty, the thinner and lighter the better. Go for quantity over quality.
- New toys: especially ones he has't seen before and will engage his fine motor skills. (Best new toy that kept our 16 month old entertained for the better part of an HOUR: Fischer Price Fun-2-Learn Cell Phone. Its small and easy to pack, and I was amazed it kept his attention as long as it did. We didn't let him see it before the plane, and he was absolutely fascinated. He's now 2.5yrs and still loves this toy - can't recommend it highly enough!)
- Best tip ever: Wrap all of these little things in wrapping paper. Buys you more time since he'll have to unwrap everything, and it's fun!
- Look for dogs and cats in the Skymall catalog

Re: food -
Aim for dry stuff that takes a long time eating (and doesn't leave a big mess if spilled). Pack lots of items in ziplock bags (variety is great, quantities depend on your child's appetite): Cheerios (a godsend!), trail-mix, raisins in those small boxes they have to work at getting out, yogurt, dried fruits, fresh fruits (before leaving, cut down apples, grapes, cheese, or whatever your child is interested in on a day-to-day basis). Finger food is awesome on planes. We usually bring a cooler box with those freezer elements).

Hope that helps - and good luck!

SomisSurferGirl said...

cheerios and sippy cup are my favorite food tools on a plane. he always wants my juice, but with the sippy cup, it helps lighten the mess. i love bringing things that my little man can play with, not every day toys that he always sees, so there's a newness there. he's just starting with crayons and paper. and the old school way of entertaining is always a welcome activity: singing. he loves to participate as i quietly sing songs.

this is usually hit and miss at times, but i hope it helps!

Hilary said...

everyone is giving such great suggestions. as a flight attendant and a mother who travels often with my little guy, I would say the most important thing to do is relax. they are kids and planes can be uncomfortable. the toys and snacks help this. but sometimes kids cry and throw fits and don't understand why they can't get off your lap. RELAX and don't worry about the people next to you. in my experience most adults who have a problem with kids having hard times are adults who give harder times.

oh, we've also had great success with airplane specific books and lollipops (something to suck on is always key for take-off and landing...helps tiny ears). good luck!

becks said...

i used to travel with the girls by myself and i would make sure i was the last one on the flight so they didnt have to be on there for any longer than we absolutly had to be. before I boarded I would ask the person who checks everyone in if there were any extra seats in the back ( i always wanted the very last row) usually there is and then you have a whole row for them to play on after the seatbelt light goes off and your close to the bathroom.

Katie Marie said...

I always did stickers and bandaids and dixie cups. Hours of entertainment for a tiny amount of money.

Danielle said...

You'll probably find this post very helpful. :)


leslie said...

Uh a little sad but, benedryl or something that makes him sleepy

Beth said...

My son, now 4 is EXTREMELY ACTIVE. We have flown on several (10) 4+ hour flights. We've brought a portable DVD player with lots new of DVDs. I bring a few new plane toys (used ONLY on the plane), like trucks, crayons, coloring book, action figures, magnetic drawing pad, stickers, books, etc. I use these toys first and try to make the movie a last resort (if needed). I pack lots of (not too much sugar) snacks like carrots, apples, crackers, cheese, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. We always board towards the end of boarding (although they offer parents with small children to board early which really means parents with toddlers get to spend more time trapped on a plane). I have never walked my kid back and forth down the isle. Not that he hasn't needed to, but I know that if I ever allowed him the opportunity he would refuse to sit back down again which would result in a huge melt down. I traveled once with my son 23 months on my lap while I was 6 months pregnant, make sure you pack the carry-on for easy access to the essentials. I placed the bag under the seat in front of me to avoid needing to get to the overhead compartment. I also try to dress my children dress casual for plane rides, if my kids aren't the best travelers at least they can look pleasant rather than stained shirts, and messy hair that scream 'out of control.' Hope you get lots of good compliments on how well your son did on the plane! DO NOT do benedryl unless you know it will make him sleep. We mistakenly did this on a flight and it only made him hyper, and whiny because he wouldn't sleep and needed to! We have given our son dramamine (not sure how to spell it) and he was out within 30 minutes of consuming it, and stayed asleep for the next 4 hours.