July 3, 2010

Old Scrambled Eggs.

Summer is so hard for me. I am horrible at entertaining the munchkins all day while the opressive heat lurks outside. It is just NOT my forté.

I can't wait until August, when I can load the kids up and cart us out to Utah to be with my parents for awhile. I need help. These children are slowly driving me batty, and the precious few moments I have to myself are just simply not cutting it! I come back feeling more restless and smooshed, simply because I know I won't get more time to myself for a long while.

Oh, Fall, come quickly!! I am feeling like a scrambled egg!


In other news, I am turning TWENTY EIGHT on Tuesday. And my 10 year high school reunion is rapidly approaching. Holy moo! Where's my cane?


Momar and DooDad said...

We CAN'T WAIT for you to come to Utah so we can take those munchkins off of your hands for awhile !! :)

Charlotte said...

I love the shot of Myer in the fort. Gorgeous!

R. Loesch said...

"Holy moo" is the funniest phrase I've heard in a LONG time. See you in August my love!!

Katy said...

You old lady you! hahaha!

The fort was a good call! :-) haha! I think of the days when I have children and I know that you deserve major kudos for being a stay at home mom because unfortunately, I don't believe i am cut out for that position. haha! ;-)

Also, I pretty much can't believe that I have been reading your blog since Ezra was smaller than Myer! CRAZY!!!

Chelsea said...

he is so stinking cute in that little fort.

Happy Birthday doll.

Cali Cakes said...

The fort looks fun! I'm sure you will be able to handle the summer gracefully.