March 18, 2010

My New Living Room.

The Old Room: Holy BROWN, Batman!

Thanks to Craigslist, I have a new living room! We took the old hugemongo chairs out (as seen above) and purchased a matching pair of smaller, vinatge chairs (for $40!) to replace them. Those old recliners were waaaaay too big for this room.

Then, oh then! I found two antique corner hutches for suuuper cheap. It was the score of the century.

After that, we hung up some old toile curtains that I have had for awhile that I found at the Goodwill, set up our old record player, and voila! We have a whole new living room!

Now we just need to find a rug (possibly a cool oriental one?) and get my grandma's old coffee table down from the attic, and we'll be all set.

What kind of a rug do you think would look good in this room?
I need your wonderful opinions/ideas.

I've been wanting to get more of a vintage-y feel in here for a long time, so I'm super excited!

I love my new living room. I felt like we had been slowly drowning in brown. It feels like it is so much more "us" now.

Craigslist RULES. :)

PS. Tomorrow we will be in CALIFORNIA! Super mega ultra Squeal !!!


KillerB said...

I LOVE those chairs!

And you've chosen the perfect week to come to Cali-- it's BEAUTIFUL weather out here right now. Safe travels!

MsN said...

Yaaaaa!!!! Your living room rocks! LOOOOVVVEEE the pieces. Totally changes the look. Super fun. Have a fantastically relaxing and fun trip. :))))

Candace said...

I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT. Can't believe what a is so bright and it makes me want to sip a cup of tea while sitting in those awesome new vintage chairs!

Anonymous said...

They look awesome! I love the teal. I have a bunch of easy suggestions and I mean them with the truest intentions in mind. Firstly, might I suggest bringing the furniture away from the walls a bit, it looks like you could run an interception down the center of your living room. Also, get rid of the sage colored walls, maybe go for a very unobtrusive and barely noticeable taupe. Get rid of the swag curtain. And get a giant lamp for between your new chairs. As for the rug, I think you should just get a large piece of neutral carpet bound at lowes. It's inexpensive and you can go big (like 10x12) and it won't look like you are drowning the room in vintage (as you were drowning the room in brown before).

Emery Jo said...

I like these ideas! I will pull the chairs out a bit for sure- making sure there's still enough room for my little ones to play. I like the wall color as is and agree that the swag curtain needs to go. (I need to replace the curtain rod first- the one we have is pieced together and falling apart! heh.)

I LOVE the idea of the giant lamp and the neutral carpet. THANKS!

Charlotte said...

I love the teal! I've been in love with that color for a few weeks now... it's a beautiful choice.

I think your new rug should have some red accents to it. It would brighten up the room without being too overbearing. And red would look great with both the brown and teal you already have. Good luck!

Bluebelle said...

Those chairs are beautiful, love the colour!

Danae said...

love the POP of the teal and love the orange accent pillow. And those hutches!! Oh I would love those in my house! As far as a rug goes I am rather stumped although I am always a sucker for those super soft, fury, off white rugs...My boys LOVE to lay and read on them (I have a small one in Noah's room), although they kind of stand out, even thought they are neutral in color. I like rugs with thick texture; they always warm up a room.
Good luck! (and now I must go shopping on craig's list).

jilian dee said...

its bold but i think it would looks so cool with the chairs! and have fun in cali so jealous

Andrea said...

Love it!

Erin said...

Are the walls a sage-y color? I think I agree with Anon, teal and sage are not a good combo...I say keep the lovely new chairs and ditch the wall color.

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

check out for rugs. They are only $2 for shipping and have some really cool styles for not too much $$!

Kyrene said...

I LOVE your new living room! Looks awesome! The airy curtains, the teal chairs, and record player all fit so nicely together!

I was looking on ModCloth for rugs, but didn't find any. I did find really nice taupe animal doormat on there, that you might like. It's called "Follow The Lea-Doormat".

marla said...

love, love, love!
i say go for a snazzy vintage rug such as:
happy thrifting!

Andrea June said...

Call me crazy, but I think this could work:
I dunno, I like the craziness of it with all the solids in the room. And it's not super spendy :)
I have to say, I loved those old recliners, though. I think I may have fallen asleep in one of them once upon a time..
LOVE the new chairs and corner hutches!

Hunnybee said...

I think I agree with Anon. Repaint the walls and stick with a neutral rug. Actually, why not keep the brown one? I think the brown and teal look great together! A new wall color and some smaller accents in teal shades (and the orange is cool too!) and you'd have a room with a real *look*.

have a great trip to Cali!

Anonymous said...

Here's a blog I think you might like. She uses a lot of vintage and always seems to pull off the right balance.

stina said...

i like the color of the chairs with the color of the walls. they're somewhat in the same color family which is why i think they can stay together.

the Lovelist said...

LOVELY!!! You know those old fashioned oriental rugs? That might look really cute - I see them everywhere now and Ikea has a huge selection even. just an idea! :)

Joel Limpic said...

love it, emery!!