March 6, 2010

Best & Worst.

The Best:



spring florals.

cutie patootie owls.

little audiences.

The Worst:

Seeing this little boy be so sick.

(this pic was taken a few days ago after I gave him a bite of my peanut butter cookie without thinking. Apparently, he's allergic.)

Currently, he's got some sort of stomach virus.



Anna Joy said...

I'm so sorry he's sick! Praying that he'll get well soon!

Karen, Scott, and Jared said...

i would never have thought about the cookie either. thanks for passing on the info. looks like he has a fabulous nurse taking care of him there... :-)

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you have to go through this worry. I was a sick child and now that I have my own child I am forever grateful/apologetic to my parents for taking care of me when I was so ill.

Rachael said...

Those leg warmers are SUPER cute. Poor Myer is still adorable when he's sick but I'm praying he'll get better soon! Looks like he's in good hands.

Yellowbird said...

Oh no! My son just got over RSV and we had to do the breathing treatments like that. It is hard to see them like that.

Claire said...

The last picture is truly heartbreaking :( Get well soon, little man!

I love your owls, now I know where your wisdom is coming from :-D

Kaylen said...

I have a friend with a daughter who is highly allergic. She wouldn't have a bite of a snickers bar at lunch because in five hours she was going to pick her daughter up and kiss her and the residue peanut dust could send her daughter to the hospital. It's such a hard thing to always have on top of mind...

LOVE the pic of the action figures!!

misguided mommy said...

Brandon is deadly allergic to peanuts. It's an awful allergy so much to look out for. It is hard not having peanuts anymore. No snickers bars. UGGGG. I really like the I.AM healthy brand of soy butter

and whole foods sometimes has this kind

the slightly sweet and the chocolate are my favorite. the chocolate rocks on apple slices. Schools are really hard. Preschools are peanut free (most) but elementary schools aren't. I have to have an epi pen on me at all times, one in my car and robs at my parents and there has to be one at his school. they are expensive too sigh.

The hardest part is how many people don't understand it. They don't understand that using a knife to cut pb&j sammies and then cutting salami ones is NOT OKAY. People don't realize that it is not okay to be in someones lunches because little kids don't always wash their hands. I'm forever paranoid that he will go play at someones house and there will be peanut on a table or on their hands. I guess it also gets worse with age. I have him prick tested once a year and each time it gets worse.

I'm so sorry Emery hopefully his allergy isn't as bad. Ugggg. Poor dude

jilian dee said...

ohhhh no! poor myer! i know the feeling.