January 25, 2010

An Ongoing Synopsis of Today.

I awoke this morning to the sickening sound of my own nose cracking, a dull crunching between my eyes.

The pain shot me up out of bed. Myer had slammed his head down hard into my face after we brought him into our bed in the wee hours of the morning. He was there so we could keep a close watch on his breathing after a night full of Urgent Care and breathing treatments and low oxygen levels.


I held back my wailing as best I could. Myer was already crying hard enough for the both of us.

Chris tried to comfort me while also trying to comfort our very sick baby. After a few minutes of recovery, I stumbled out into the living room to help with the first round of medicines for the day.


We are all tired today. Home-bound for the 4th day in a row. Ezra's incessant sniffing and the cartoons blaring on the TV are making me feel like a crazy person... like the sounds are inside my skull. I keep plugging up my ears for brief moments of silence.

My head hurts. I keep checking my reflection in the mirror to see if the pain and pressure are branching out in the form of two black eyes. At least then my outsides would match my insides.

These last few days have pummeled me.

Myer has definitely 'turned a corner' and is feeling better. He's looking a bit brighter, and for that I am beyond thankful. Last night was scary, but Chris and I handled it with level heads and steady hearts.

I can't stop thinking about how thankful I am for modern day medicine. For the fact that it is available and accessible to me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are so far BEYOND fortunate to have access to medicine when we need it like that. I know most in the world cannot say the same. What a sobering thought.

Ezra keeps asking me about hair today. "Why do we have it? What is it for? Why does daddy not have any?" I told him we have hair to keep us warm, and then he asked me why God didn't want Chris to be warm- since He'd taken all his hair away.

I am stumped. heh.


Ezra was just rummaging around in his toy basket and then exclaimed, "Hey! My Hair Ball!"
Me: "Your WHAT ball?"
Ez: "My hair ball!"
Me: "What in the world is your HAIR ball?!"
Ez: *Looking at me like I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed* "Because there is a picture of a rabbit on it."
Me: ...?
Me: ...?
Me: Ohhh, your HARE ball!

(How silly of me.)



Annie Peterson said...

Emery, the hero-mommy! In a few days everyone will be better and life will be back to normal. :) Grace, grace to you until then!

Widge said...

ooooh I grimmaced for you at reading of your wake up. oh you poor thing!! I remember once when my first child was about 3 I bent down to lift him up as he jumped and his head collided with my chin and made me almost bite my own tongue off. I almost fainted with pain, I couldn't even yelp because we were in the supermarket. and i had to walk around with my mouth filling with blood and this blinding pain.

Hope everyone gets better quickly and you can get a break and venture out soon xo

No Mommy Brain said...

sick babies are the worst. hopefully a full recovery is right around the corner...