December 31, 2009

Twenty Ten and a New Look.

Happy Twenty Ten!

I changed my blog header for the new year... I hope you guys like it!

I was reminded of how much I LOVE old vintage matryoshka dolls recently when Ezra was given one by our friend Dan who lives in Colorado. They are so intricate and so beautiful, and I love the generational (and motherly) imagery that comes packed and stacked within each one. They are pretty much the coolest toys ever. (Besides Legos, of COURSE.)

I found the illustration here and the background image here.

I figured this doll would work well for representing both me and my boys since all three of us have pretty much the same haircut anyways.

ahhhhh ha ha ha. SAD BUT TRUE.

2009 was a doozy of a year... one that brought such new life and joy into my heart that I am a little bit remiss to see it slip so quietly away.

Speaking of which... there is a certain little person in this household who is turning ONE YEAR OLD in about 12 days.


That went by fast.

Happy New Year, Everyone!! :)


Terese said...

Happy New Year Emery Jo and family.

Lindz said...

Happy New Year! I always love your headers!

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

i love it, I changed mine to! Its not private right now, so come and look! I got me a new camera and its amazing! Love you Em!

Cat said...

Happy New Years from Canada!!!
ps love the outfit below..thinking it would be amazing on you!!

Christina said...

Very cute header, I hope you and your family had a great New Years.
Blessings for 2010!