December 21, 2009

A Rough Ride.

After two hellish days in a car, this:

The drive was 20 hours of brutal. I was stressed and sick, Myer was fussy and sleep-deprived, Ezra got car sick and we had to pull over in the middle of nowhere and clean him and the car up with baby wipes in the 2 degree weather and then a police man came to make sure we were okay and the whole rest of the way I was fighting back nausea and OH MY GOODNESS it was terrible.

But then there was this:

And it was all worth it to be here with family for Christmas.

My brothers got in yesterday. The news is calling for more snow on Tuesday, so we're going to go hunt down a tree to cut on the property today. I can't wait!

I'm so glad we MADE it!


Leah said...

who has backyard views like this? i certainly do not. and have no paradigm for backyard beauty like this. such a gift!

nikki said...

So glad you guys made it safetly! Now we're off...hopefully without a hitch. Our hot water heater busted! Ha. But should be able to fix by tonight. Love you guys and miss you already!

Christina said...

Sorry to hear it was so rough, but you are right what a glorious view.
Worth it indeed.
Have a great Christmas!

Chicago Mom said...

That sounds brutal. I'm glad you made it. :-)

Rita said...


You are my hero.