November 3, 2009

The Here and Now.


He is almost 10 months old (lalalala i can't heeeear you!) and he is cruisin'. He loves to slide stuff around and maneuver it so that he can get from point A to point B without having to drop down on his knees and crawl there. There are three things that make him happy no matter what: eating, walking around on two feet (with a little help of course), and being held. He is SO pleasant, and I KID YOU NOT he is already eating more than Ezra does at mealtimes. Quite a bit more. He is a total brute. His strength is shocking to me at times. Like, when I have to wrestle something that he is not supposed to have out of his hands, it is HARD WORK. Sometimes it takes me a few tries until I can actually get it from him. (I think he could beat me at arm wrestling, is what I am saying.) There are only two foods on the planet that he will not eat: bananas and oatmeal.

Aren't those staple baby food items?

They are the ONLY things he won't eat. hahaha.

He has a checkup on Thursday... I am so curious to see his what his growth stats are.


He is the silliest goof-ball on the planet. All pockets of silence and calm are filled to the brim with his goofy made-up-words of nonsense. "Mack-lack-da-poop-jack!" is his current nonsense exclamation of choice. He says it alllll the time. His most favorite thing in life is making people laugh. (That, and his mammoth sized Halloween candy stash on top of the fridge.) He is a sensitive little guy who eats like a bird. Getting him to eat is (and always has been) an all-out battle of wits and wills. He has absolutely NO interest in food. He'd rather be playing or running around saying silly things at the top of his lungs.

He loves school and is so smart. He is getting more handsome by the hour, and I am constantly amazed at his ability to make friends in any situation... and then have those friends all organized and following his lead within the blink of an eye. There is some strong leadership bursting out of this kid, and I'm excited to see what shape and form that will take in the years ahead.

These boys are fantastic. I am so honored and blessed to be their mama.


Andrea June said...

They are SUCH beautiful kids, Emery! Inside and out! You are a blessed woman, for sure :)
Thanks for the gorgeous pics of your wonderful boys!

MarvelousMOM said...

Your kids are beautiful!!! Skylar LOVES bananas. The only thing she has a hard time with are peas.

jilian dee said...

yes you are! (honored that is)

MoMar said...

They are amazing boys ... I am honored to be their MoMar !!

lorieloo said...

um holy cow when did you have A SECOND BOY?! I still think of Myer as a wee babe and here he is looking like a KID?! so cute em, so so cute.

mrs boo radley said...

I'm a banana-loather too!

Myer has incredible cheeks. Wowsa'. I love hearing about how they are so different, yet so charming in their very own ways. Ezra should write a book in his language. You could call it Ezrese or Ezran.