November 26, 2009

Beyond Measure.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was so lovely. Good company, good food, and beautiful weather.

This year, Ezra made something to contribute to the Thanksgiving feast... all by himself! Allow me to introduce you to the "Wobble Gobble":

They looked like turkeys but tasted like... cookiecandyfrosting!
Ezra kept calling them chicken cookies. hahaha.

I am so grateful and blessed to be where I am... in this phenomenal city surrounded by the most amazing people. How am I so lucky to have ended up here? This year, I am exceedingly thankful for my community- the people around me who challenge me and encourage me and cause me to grow... the people who add so much joy to my life and who enrich me beyond measure. Where would I be without them? WHO would I be without them?

I thank God every day for leading us here in this season of our lives.

He is so good to us.



becks said...

We love you guys, and are so gratful to have you in our glad you had a great Thanksgiving! Hope and Jo's mom

Widge said...

Those cookies look so cool!! I was thinking "man I wish I could make some of those", then didn't recognise any of the ingredients from here in New Zealand, then also came to the realisation that we don't celebrate thanksgiving over here either....looks like heaps of fun though. Just found your blog and going to have a looksy round :)

Zimms Zoo said...

About 3 years ago my #4 made them to take to her Cubbies class at church. The chocolate icing was coming out the back of the cookie through the hole. Her older brother, who was 10 at the time, commented that they looked like they were pooping and then laughed uproariously. So at our house they will be forever known as the "pooping turkey cookies"!

Debra K said...

did Ezra just have mac and cheese on thanksgiving day? i ask because Nehemiah had pancakes. He doesnt do thanksgiving food, except for pumpkin pie,