October 24, 2009

Fall Fashion: Day Six. (Saturday Edition!)

I've decided to do Fall Fashion posting until Sunday! Wee!

Today I am wearing a vintage coat, a little girl's dress slip, black tights, and brown velvet vintage boots. I have a crazy 80's bow clip in my hair. haha.

It is lovely lovely Saturday, when my little fam can all romp and play together until daddy has to go to his DJ gig later this afternoon.

We went and picked up the boys' costumes this morning. We're going trick-or-treating with our neighbors on Friday PM (they go up to Guthrie every year), and then on Saturday we are going to pound the pavement right here around our block. I forsee mountains of sugar in my near future. Mmmm.

Speaking of fashion... hello, husband! You are quite the fashionable gent!

I LOVE the way this man dresses. And I love beard season, oh yes I do. Mmmmm.

Sneak attack...

Comin' atcha!

Happy Saturday!


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mrs boo radley said...

I totally had that bow!

This, dear Emery, is DEFINITELY my favorite outfit. I promise. This one. Yep.

My Saturday post is coming soon...


Kalle said...

You look adorable today. I love, love the vintage coat. Can't wait for tomorrow's extended version. Beautiful family as well.

sufferingsummer said...

oh dear how I adore that coat! the whole look is fantastic. I agree about beard season...we're in it around here too and it makes me swoon.
your husband and my husband would be good friends, or at least fashion buddies!
my post is coming...my day got away from me but I did get a few pics...also...a new anthro dress from my Mom today that will be worn tomorrow, I can hardly wait!

Mama Bird said...

Ezra with that plane is an adorable pic.

Your outfit is lovely, as always,

and I love the family portrait!

MoMar said...

Dang! Cuter yet!

Candace said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the jacket and bow! How come Ezra is getting so big....didn't anyone tell him he can't grow up! I miss you guys...only 7 more weeks and we can come see you =)

marla said...

love the coat and love the adorable family photos!

Amanda said...

That bow brings fits of delight! And for some reason your husband totally reminds me of my brother-in-law in these pics. Adorable family. Ezra's eyes are enchanting, those lashes!

jilian dee said...

ummm how cute of a family do you have! jealous!