September 9, 2009

Your Eyelashes are on Fire!

I went to the Goodwill today and found Ezra's Fall/Back to School wardrobe for $18 !! (because the hemlines of his old pants are suddenly up by his EARS.)

This is all Gap & Osh Kosh & Old Navy Stuff. So nice and soooo cheap!

I can finally dress my son without praying that the fabric would miraculously multiply before he got to school... like when Jesus multiplied the fish & bread to feed the 5,000. "All I'm askin' is for a coupla inches, Lord. A coupla inches!"

I also found two things for MooMer. (That's Myer's latest nickname around here. Not to be confused with MoMar, of course.)

These are TWELVE MONTH OLD clothes. That he wears right now. Because, apparently, my 7 month old is moose big. People keep asking me if he's WALKING yet. Walking! I can't blame them. Then I tell them he is seven months old and they look at me like my eyelashes are on fire.


And, in other news.....

Myer has finally started sleeping through the night!! 12 hours!!

I am a happy woman. I think it's because all his big teeth have finally cut through up top. My neighbor called them "man-teeth" the other day because they are BIG and look like, well, MAN teeth. So, Myer has another new nickname around here now.

(and those are only the ones you can SEE!)

I call him ManTooth.

Mr. Myer "Moose" ManTooth, to be more precise.

chomp chomp!


Anonymous said...

Nicky ran a little big, too, so people were always setting him down on the floor expecting him to walk away on his own before he could even stand alone. He'd fall on his face, and they'd look at him like, "What's wrong with you??"

skylana said...

welp now myer's really done it. i have to hate you out of jealousy. my old children, BOTH, still dont sleep through the night.

jealous. like, severely jealous.

chrissy said...

i cant believeeee myers 7 months old! wow i must have been reading your blog for a long time haha. i remeber i read it before you were even pregnant.

well, he looks adorable and he just keeps getting cuter!! :)