September 17, 2009

The Aftermath.

Thank you guys for your (mostly) constructive discussion on my last blog. Simply AWESOME to read through each different experience and viewpoint on such a hot-button (who knew!?) topic. (Thanks to all the facebook contributors too.)

There are a couple of things I'd like to address:

one. I think most of you guys like to read along here because the site is genuinely... well... me. As honest as I can serve it up. I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape when other humans have different opinions than they do on things. Would you rather I be an auto-bot that only shares your thoughts and views? Or... would it be okay if I hang on to a few of my own? Seriously. Who would want to read/know someone who only believed what they did 100% of the time? Boooooring.

two. I love my sons and my community. Any decisions I am making are coming from that place of love and conviction. Don't be too quick to assume that I am speaking from a place of hate or judgement. Because I am not. No sir. God as my witness.

three. You guys ROCK. And, to all of you out there who are teachers in our school systems... for those of you who ever have been, or hope to ever be... those who pray for our children and pour yourselves out for them year after year after year, wondering if your efforts are or have been in vain... they have not. no!!! They have not! Not a single moment of desperation has gone unseen, and not a single prayer has gone unheard. Not a single kindness has escaped His smile...

You will never know the extent of the fruit that hangs from your branches.

A sincere, humble THANK YOU to you... from me and my Chris.


Piper of Love said...

ever so gracious, ever so badass.

bravo, yo!

MEGAN said...

I didn't read the article on home schooling/public school until I read THIS post. Whew! Patience must be your middle name : )

And, the 8-month old boy of yours in a previous post is SO PRECIOUS!

Flo Paris Oakes said...

I've loved the discussion! And you better believe I can't imagine a sweeter mama than you.
I'll usually defend what I've chosen for my family, but even then, I don't think it's the right choice for OTHER people.
I agree with you...I don't understand why people get CRAZY over what other people decide..??

Whatever you decide is best for your family, is best for your family, it doesn't bother me if it's different than my choice. Why should it?

Anyway, I hope people can see your sweet spirit and the fact that there isn't an ounce of judgment in you. I certainly didn't feel any!

Claire said...

Emery, this is the best ever written :-) post as a reaction to all that hate- and judgemental comments. These topics (like home schooling or home birth always attract people who are very strongly pro or anti it). You expressed your opinion and you are handling the reactions with your own cute way. I love your blog!

Lindz said...

Thanks Emery! It has been one heck of a long week for me as a teacher and this post of thanks brightened my day.

P.S. I think differences of opinion are so intriguing - I don't get bloggers who feel the need to beat down those who don't have the same views as them.

Talia said...

This whole discussion was so interesting to me! Especially as a brand-new homeschooling mom. Like I said on facebook, I'm not new to homeschooling, since I was homeschooled myself, but it's a whole new ball game when YOU'RE the one doing it. :)
I know, without a doubt, that my husband and I have made the right decision for our children, and I love that I get to teach my children at home, for so many different reasons. We're only a couple weeks in and already it's been a huge blessing.

That being said, I completely and fully realize that it's NOT for everyone. And I can respect and admire others for their own personal decisions when it comes to their child's education, just as I would hope others would respect mine. Every family is so different. Each child is so different. There is no cookie cutter right way to go about fulfilling this HUGE responsiblity we've been given as parents to these small creatures. As someone said, they are the Lord's-- and I am praying and trusting that He will help me to know what's best for MY children and then to do it to the best of my ability, for His glory and their good.

You and your thoughts are lovely, Emery, and I thank you for being so respectful and kind. I always love what you've got to say, and always learn something from it.