August 17, 2009

The Incredible Adventures of Myer Elliot, Month Seven!

My life, as I knew it, is so very much OVER.

Myer is crawling around so quickly I can barely keep up with him. No... really. Like, I set him down, look away for 30 seconds to tend to my other child, and then CAN'T FIND THE BABY. Because he's halfway across the house.

And he loves WIRES more than anything else in the world. (WHY, Lord?)

On top of this, he has started pulling himself up to a stand on every single thing he can grab onto in my house. But his little chicken legs aren't nearly strong enough to support this act, so he is constantly toppling over and smacking himself on various objects. Who's daredevil baby is this??

He has sprouted three teeth in the last two weeks, and there are some more just about to break through. (That's a total of 6, now, all the way out.) He is not sleeping well because of it, and nothing seems to help him with the pain of it all.

He has also started biting me really hard whenever I try to nurse him. hahahhahahahha*weepy hyperventilation*. Ezra never really did this, so I am (once again) at a total loss of what to do. Feeding my baby has become, like, the most stressful thing EVER. It's like sticking my hand in a pool of sharks and just hoping for the best! (Oh, and also, did I mention? I have a raw T-Bone steak in my hand. And the sharks haven't eaten in four days.)

I am TIRED. And exhausted. And sore. Yet, somehow... very much aware of how SHORT this tumultuous time is in the grand scheme of things.

our HOT zoo day with Harmony!

So, there's that, I suppose.

Today was rough, though. I let it all get to me. I was up all night and woke up suuuuper early with Myer and had a really bad attitude that I just couldn't snap out of all day. (One of those days where you keep looking at the clock and CRYING because you swear it is not. moving. at all.)

There are still SEVEN days left until Ezra starts school again.

Right now, that seems like seven mini interminable lifetimes away.

Send in the clowns!!

Yes, my life as I knew it really is over.

Thank Goodness!

Now? It really is so much better.


joeylear said...

He's so cute!! Way to go on the perspective that this won't be something you have to be in for long. Love to you and your family!

Just Jiff said...

I LOVE those laughs! Those are the best. :) He sighs during one of them because its wearing him out. :) Too precious. :)

mrs boo radley said...

What a sweet laugh! Such happy children!

I've heard that right now those are the longest days...but the shortest years.

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

oh my gosh, I just died and went to heaven!

Erin said...

I loved this blog because I am there. I get so stressed and I have those days where I'm in a horrible mood all day and I just can't get over it. I hate those days. Other days I wake up and ask Jesus to help me to love my babies and to be the best mom possible... and for some reason those days seem to go pretty well :) And there are times when I want to be so mad but I remind myself that I will miss these days in a few short years. I want to enjoy them! And Myers laught.... Aaaahhhh! So so cute!

Kinsey said...

Yipes! Biting is a dealbreaker!

Thank you for watching Davie today, even through this teething stage! I hope there was much laughter today.

MarvelousMOM said...

He is such a cutie. I can't get over how big the little ones are getting. So happy for you Emery!


Anonymous said...

I have those days too :( Myer has an adorable laugh!

~love said...

my bianca is 7 months and is the whole crawl way too fast, pulling up on wobbly legs and biting when nursing thing, too!

i was having a terrible time a couple weeks ago where i felt that clock issue a few days in a row. it was at the same time as we got word of our travel date for adoption, so i think it was just attach all around. i decided despite not being a morning people, i HAD to get up and spend time alone w/ God before the girls get up. such.different.days.