August 26, 2009

If you Text and Drive, You are an Idiot.

I watched a video last night that has sent me into some sort of spiral that I am trying to fight my way back out of.

It was an extremely graphic and realistic reenactment of a car crash... one that was caused by someone TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. After I watched it, I could not stop sobbing. I wanted to scream and smash things.

I have some things to say about it, because I just need to. I feel like I might explode or cave-in if I don't.

This video is not something everyone should see. (Myself included.) I did not need to see this video. Because I am not stupid enough to text (or give any distractions my attention) while I am driving. I refuse to even glance down at my radio to change the station while I'm driving. Because I am smart enough to grasp what could happen in that brief moment... I understand that I could harm someone or kill someone by doing that. So I don't do it.

But, if you are dumb enough to text while behind the wheel of your car, you need to watch this video, because obviously nothing else is going to REALLY get the point across that you are taking your own life in your hands while doing that, yes, but also, you are gathering up the lives of my child and my baby and my husband and myself in those same hands and playing Russian Roulette with them.

I'm just going to say it: If you text while you drive, or allow other distractions to pull your attention away from the road, I have a hard time respecting you as a person. I always have felt this way. But this video has compelled me to say something about it.

I am not naturally an anxious person. I don't typically live in fear over my safety or the safety of my loved ones. I believe God is in control of our lives, and He is good, so I just don't spend much of my time worrying about what 'could be'. But after watching that video last night, I have been battling against some major anxiety. In the middle of the night last night, I was sitting in bed, unable to turn the video off in my head... the sights and sounds... and I was praying ferociously that God would take it away so I could rest... but it just wouldn't stop so I gave up praying and picked up my book to fill my mind with something else. I finally fell asleep, but this morning I found myself feeling physically sick at the thought of loading my kids up in the car and driving them to Ezra's school.

I hate that I am allowing this to have so much power over me. But I also know that it is such an important message... and the graphic delivery of that message may not have been necessary for someone like me to grasp the implications of the responsibility I have every time I drive my car, but I think it is necessary for some. Those who have been told that they are endangering themselves and others, but continue in their behavior. The stupid ones.

I seriously think I am having some post traumatic stress over here. So, heed the warning: please don't go hunt down this video if you are at all sensitive and don't need to be told to pay attention while you are driving.

For those of you who do allow distractions when you are driving... search YouTube for "Texting Crash PSA" or something like that. PLEASE.

Watch so that maybe you can finally GET IT.


Hunnybee said...

I watched it and it is pretty rough. Unfortunately that's what it takes to get some people's attention. I've never understood texting and driving. It boggles the mind, really. I have friends who do it and I'm like you, I have a hard time respecting them. Thanks for sharing this.

Erin said...

I'm really glad you posted this Emery. I want so many people to see that video. Especially people that I know do this ALLLL the time.

Just Jiff said...

Wow. Very true to life.
THanks for sharing!

Meghan Elaine said...

I'm so glad you shared this, as disturbing as it is. I have two stepkids, 18 and 22, who I KNOW text while they are driving. I sent it to them and my 18 year old stepdaughter was so moved by it that she cried and posted it on her myspace and facebook. She claims she will never do it again. This video may be what it takes for her to realize the selfishness and danger in texting while driving. Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry it is haunting you.

Chelsea Robbins said...

I saw this on the today show and was freaked out, but also was like, this is awesome that they're confronting this issue. I put my phone in my baby bag in the back seat. Theres no reason to talk, update my face book, or text while I drive.

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

This video has really got me thinking straight! As a contractor who's office is the cab of my pick up, I am on the phone way to much to be safe! Although I do not text, I believe I am just as distracted at times with looking for phone numbers or trying to answer questions over the phone. Today I tried to not talk and drive, and I realized how much I have developed the habit of picking up my phone to call as soon as I am in my truck. Emery made the point. "What did people do 10 or 15 years ago?" I really think ever state should ban cell phones while driving. I know it would be like the whole seat belt thing. People would still break the law but, it would reduce how many people are multitasking while driving. We need to change our habits!!!


Lindz said...

I agree. I saw this on the news the other night and think it is a delicate balance. I have to say that I think it would be rather effective with teenage drivers because, frankly, they are texting all the time. I know because I am surrounded by them all day Monday-Friday and they cannot take their minds off of their phones while in class.

I recently saw a re-enactment of a drunk driving accident done by the community and students from school. For me, it was very sad and powerful and yet many of the students were unable to take it seriously. How do we get their attention?

It's a very serious issue, so many people don't realize how much power we have when we are behind the wheel.

Band of Brothers said...

Amen, preach it sister!

But poor poor Emery for having been subjected to such trauma. I am a ninny and so I cannot watch.

MoMar said...

the reason this had so much power over you is that something needed to be said, here in this venue. We will never know what or for whom tragedy was prevented. I am not going to watch, but have been guilty of distraction in my car and and I am going to do better.

skylana said...

seth watched this i think and has been freaking out ever sense. i haven't watched it yet... i dont know if i should if its graphic... i might be scared shitless of driving in general if i do that... anyway... i stopped texting and driving a couple months ago but not for safety... just because my multitasking skills were waning and it was too frustrating. so right thing for wrong reasons ;) either way i can't do it anymore... or facebook while i drive... or check my email...

Kerri Foster said...
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