June 7, 2009

A Hiking We Will Go.

This morning we woke up and decided to go to Zion National Park and hike around for the day.

We grabbed some snacks and the stroller and headed out, getting to the park gate at about 10 AM.

This HAS to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I mean, it just has to be. The beauty knob was turned up to 11 as we caught the shuttle into the park and up the narrow canyons. (Cars have not been allowed in the park since the year 2000.)

The air smelled moist and cool, and the river challenged us to a race as we craned our necks and looked up at the rock mansions surrounding us in every direction.

I was dizzy from the hugeness of it all.

Ezra got to participate in his favorite activity of all time: The Throwing of Rocks Into Bodies of Water Activity.

He could do this for HOURS.

I wish photos could capture the grandeur a little better. They need to make cameras with built-in 'grandeur' features. It would magically make you feel as small as an ant looking up at Mt. Everest.

That's how I felt most of the day today.

After we hiked around for awhile, we caught the shuttle back down the canyons.

Myer liked looking out the windows.

When he wasn't doing that, he was charming all the other passengers who sat behind us- bouncing like mad on his strong legs and spitting bubbles all over the place.

The boys and I fly back to Oklahoma the day after tomorrow.

I am beyond excited to see my husband again, but I will miss this place. From where I sit right now, I can see an orange moon peeking out from behind the Kolob Canyons. Being surrounded by all this breathtaking beauty has been really good for me. I have been reminded that there is a world out there to see and experience. I have been reminded that God is big and good. And I've fallen in love with being outdoors. All of this makes me a bit scared to return to the humidity of home. I'm scared it will sweat away all the progress I've made while submerged in the cool crisp air out here. But I am so thankful that I will get to come back here again sometime soon.

I already can't wait.


mrs boo radley said...

I've often wondered about that grandeur feature myself.

Myer's growing so fast...

~love said...

i've just read through some of your posts. your writing is beautiful.
your life is beautiful. =)

Anonymous said...

Recently moved to Colorado and love it. We drove through Utah on the way out here and it was beautiful. Great pics! Looks like you all had fun.

Sandy said...

There is a raft of data that need sorting, though. First, fixed asset investment in China actually grew by 25%. Fixed asset investment could be roads, bridges, and buildings-the sort of investment that needs copper, nickel, zinc, coal and iron ore. Or it could be commercial real estate-the kind of shovel-ready government busy work that doesn't lead to any bottoming in commodity prices ore sustained resource demand from China.

Piper said...

I know you enjoyed being with the parental units in Zion, but good ol' OK, in it's bland blistering heat, will be so glad to have you back.

becks said...

this is where calebs parents were married, them and their friends hiked about 3 miles to place where they got hitched, the whole way my mom in law was in her wedding dress ( an old prom dress ) and after, they had a baptisim in one of the pools of water around there, Ill have to show you pic's when you get back! cant wait to see you, i was just thinking today - it would be a great day to hang out with Emery...:) Im excited to see you! Ok ill stop now...hope and jojo's mom

Kinsey said...

Hey! Well, I'm sold on visiting this place! But first we are taking our first family road trip to Golden, Colorado. Any tips on driving long distances with infants? We are driving through the night on the way there.

Hunnybee said...

Hello Emery,

Beautiful pictures of your hike. I'm just dropping a note because I found a website that made me think of you and your love of all things vintaege. It's called Vintage Hems at www.vintagehems.com

I'm keeping a blog about modesty/purity and am adding sites that sell fashionable yet modest clothes for women.

I saw this site and even though I don't know you it made me think of you. Hope you like.

B said...

breathtaking! :)

you have two cutie pies!