February 25, 2009

My Boys.

Did you know that babies Myer's age can only handle being awake for about 45-60 minutes before they get cranky and need sleep again? That's including feed time.

So, Myer eats, and then he is awake and happy for about 40 minutes, and then I can see the signs that he's tired, so he goes in his crib for a nap again.

This cycle leaves a lot of time for Ezra and I to play. And we have been having lots of fun together...

He recently got some Legos from Uncle Jared and Aunt Kristy (and Aunt Candace and Uncle David, too!) and the boy is so good at them, it's almost scary. He pulls out the instruction booklet, and looks at the step-by-step instructions, and BUILDS STUFF. With very little to no help. It's crazy, and you can just see how much he loves to accomplish each task.

He also got the game 'Crossbows & Catapults' from MoMar and DoDad for his birthday. Do any of you remember this game from when you were little? My brothers & I absolutely LOVED this game.

It has evolved and gotten fancier over the years, but everything is pretty much the same as the old version, and you can still buy it on Amazon. Anywho, it's a total blast, and Ezra and I have spent LOTS of time setting up our castles and then knocking everything over with our weapons. (I highly recommended this toy for the little boys in your life.)

Ezzie is such an amazing big brother. He's getting very good at "Binky Patrol". (reinserting the pacifier for me.) He just wants to constantly snuggle and kiss myer, and he's developing his own version of 'baby talk' which he uses when he talks to the baby. It's like this high-pitched sing songy voice that slowly evolves into a scary, growly, monster voice. hahaha. It's HILARIOUS.

While Ezra & I play, Myer sleeps. And grows. I can almost HEAR the boy growing as he snoozes.

He is currently TWELVE AND A HALF POUNDS. I know six month olds who are barely that big!

He is the sweetest baby. And he's soooo good! He only cries when he's hungry or tired- which, now that we're on a schedule, doesn't really happen that often.

I just can't get enough of him.

All of this to say... I love my boys. They are amazing.


Misguided Mommy said...



Also. I miss Legos!!

okie joel said...

sounds like ezra's a mini-chris with all the legos... nice.

Married for Keeps said...

thanks for the crossbows and catapults tips. Gotta check this out for the grandsons.

Talia said...

LOVE hearing about you and your sweet, sweet boys!! They are simply wonderful. And I could not be happier that things are going SO well for you!

R-becca said...

There must be something about being born on January 12 - because I barely cried too. Only if I was hungry...and I was really chill. I can't wait to play with both your boys!

lorieloo said...

It really does just blow me away how much Ezra looks like you. And I've always seen it, but maybe just since Myer made his appearance that it even more seems so much more apparent that he is a MINI YOU=) so so precious are your boys!

DareM said...

Crossbows and Catapults= Best game ever!
So glad it's still around. I may have to get me a copy :)