February 23, 2009

The dreaded 'BS' word... BABY SCHEDULE.

So, earlier today I had a cup of delicious hot coffee in my hand, and I was looking forward to gulping it down my tired throat, but in some sort of newborn haze I grabbed a spoon and proceeded to scoop two spoonfuls of that coffee INTO MY SUGAR BOWL.

That's ass-backwards is what that is.

In other news, today Myer is six weeks old, which is the day that I had decided to start him on some sort of a eating/sleeping/waking schedule. (Jesus have mercy on my soul.) I am not naturally a "schedule" person, (I tend to run from it like from the bulls of pamplona) but I am naturally a "enjoy sleeping at night" kind of person. So... you know.

With Ezra, I just followed his cues. I fed him when he was hungry, let him sleep when he wanted to sleep, etc. And it worked out great, because, I think, he was my only child. And I was at home with him all day everyday and I didn't have to have any sort of structure to my schedule. But even with this loosey-goosey approach, Ezra was sleeping through the night at about 10 weeks. Hallelu.

With Myer, however, I can tell that I need to get things in some sort of order. He's still waking a lot at night, which is expected (and fine) of course, but I'd like to feel like I have a bit more of an idea of what to expect and when to expect it during the days. So, I've created some concoction of a schedule from several different sources, and it basically boils down to this:

1. We will have a set waking time and bedtime. (7:30 AM and 7:30 PM respectively.)
2. In between those times, I will try to fit in 6 or 7 feedings. (Approx every 2 hours)
3. I will do one 'dreamfeed' at night (around 10 or so) where I do not completely wake him, but feed him and put him right back down.

Simple. (It HAS to be in order for me to stick with it.)

As for naps, I think I'll just watch for cues that he's tired and put him down whenever that happens to be. He won't be sleeping more than 2 hours at a time because I will be feeding him every two hours, so that should help regulate oversleeping too.

a snapshot into all the insanity. Thanks, iCal!

Lastly, I'm going to smother all of this in a whole heckuvalot of GRACE as well, because, honestly? I think that a person who clings TOO tightly to their plan or schedule can suffocate the life right out of... well, life. And that's no fun.

I believe that babies should adapt to their parents, rather than parents putting everything on hold for 'baby's schedule'. Ezra is an extremely adaptable kid, because from an early age, we included him in our lives rather than sectioning him off from them. We will do the same with Myer. We will have loud dinner parties and random roadtrips and we'll never stop passing him around to open arms. We will share our lives and our friends and our priorities with him. And part of the reason that he'll do so great with all of this is because we, as his parents, will be relaxed and actually enjoying the life we've brought him into.

All of this being said... Jesus have mercy on my soul.

Schedules have this cute little habit of making me break out in hives.


Flo Oakes said...

Good luck!
I was the same way.... much more unstructured w/Sera and HAD to have routines w/Amelie or we all would have gone insane.
Loves to you all!

Daniele said...

Don't worry it will all work out. I started a schedule with both boys and it worked out great and still does. I do plan my day around afternoon nap, that is mommy's sanity/relaxation time.

Laura said...

Love this post. I am a scheduled person through and through, so those newborn days were like nails on a chalkboard for me. I started Andrew on a schedule very similar to yours (including the dreamfeed) at 4 weeks old (more or less) and we haven't looked back since. I hope this works out great for you. :)

skylana said...

i am a parent who believes in schedules for children FOR SURE, they need it... but i'm also a parent who is willing to be totally flexible in order to keep mine and seth's life fun and normal. arabella fell right into a schedule and so has nola... i dont know what myer will be like, but dont be discouraged if he doesn't want to sleep through the night even when fed a lot during the day... arabella ate every two hours until she was 7 months old. STRESSFUL. nola still doesn't sleep through the night, i think its rare for a baby to do that as young as ezra did. nola does sleep til like 2 and then wakes again at about 5 or 6.. and then sleeps again til like 830. its sooo amazing for me because i was expecting every two hours for 7 months and a baby that woke up no later than 630, like ara. its so nice. hopefully you'll end up with another dream baby and be sleepin through the night in no time.

Kaylen said...

Schedules are IMPORTANT to parents!! It will totally save you sanity, once you get past the hives. :)

That is a great baby pic!! Love the color scheme.

Married for Keeps said...

All the best to you Mrs. C. My first was mega easy-going - like your Ezra. My 2nd was just not that cooperative. I think I almost had a nervous breakdown by the time he was Myer's age. I am not telling you this to discourage you - rather to ENcourage you - sounds like you are so well ahead of the game. And the "heckuvalot of GRACE" bit? Amen sistuh

...The Obnoxious SAHM said...

I had both kids on schedules. It is such hard work at first but it is smooth sailing later. Good for you.

Allegra said...

I'll say a prayer for GRACE for you right now. Schedule was an ideal for me and yet something I didn't/couldn't accomplish out of anxiety or fear or something until my son was 8 months old (He's now 10 months old).
By the way I ADORE Myer's blanket and letter blocks. Where did you get those? FABULOUS!

Cheatwoods said...

we thrive off of schedual in this hous my kids sleep from 8 to 7:15 every night and C is getting there, in the name of Jesus! Good luck!