January 18, 2009

Newborn House Arrest? NO THANK YOU.

*********Baby Pool Announcement!!**********

Can you believe that out of FORTY baby pool guesses, the winner would be my very own wonderful sister-in-law?? Candace took the prize-- barely winning out (by one hour!) over my bestie Rebecca. She guessed his height exactly as well. So, CONGRATULATIONS, Candace! I will be sending you something fun in the mail shortly. Also- I love yoooooo! smooch smooch!


I've been wanting to do that thing where you compare your kids' newborn pictures, but am not nearly organized enough to get a "same outfit, same hat, same background, same pose" capture like so many bloggers seem so able to do. I found these two poses somewhat similar, however, so I thought I'd do a side-by-side comparison of the boys at just a few days old:

Myer is on the left, and Ezra is on the right.

They look somewhat similar in these photos, although in real life I think they look really different. Myer is obviously much BEEFIER than Ezra was (hello, two extra pounds! Owww!) Ezra DEFINITELY had my eyes & dark eyelashes when he was born, while Myer seems to have his daddy's brow & eyes. He also has Chris' head shape and bigger lips. I'm thinking we might have a mini-daddy on our hands, while Ezra was a mini-mommy. How fun!

We are all doing incredibly well, and Myer has still been sleeping pretty much all the time. He sleeps for 4 hour stretches at night, so we're getting plenty of rest so far, and he eats like a champ!

Chris and I have been out & about quite a few times, because we don't particularly agree with the "LOCK DOWN" theory if momma and baby are doing well and feeling up for some fresh air and company. Also, GASP! WE ARE NOT TERRIFIED OF GERMS! So, there's that.

So far, everywhere we've been, people react with shock and stifled horror that we have had the audacity to walk out our front door with our newborn baby. Maybe it's an Oklahoma thing? I don't know. Anyways, it's annoying. For me personally, it's much healthier to be out of the house every now and again- grabbing coffee or sitting at church- rather than being cooped up in my bedroom. I feel amazing physically, and the air and company have done me good. I don't remember such reactions after we had Ezra. (We were out & about just as much with him too.) Maybe it was the laid-back California mentality or the fact that none of our friends had ever been around babies before so they didn't know most people stayed home for WEEKS after giving birth... I don't know.

Since I feel great, and Myer is doing great, we do things. We go places. And we don't think that makes us bad parents.

ANYWHO, I've started writing down Myer's birth story since it is still so fresh in my mind. Every single time I close my eyes, I see a replay of the events of his birth. Funny how life-changing events seem to hunker down behind your eyelids like that. I absolutely love it, and I'm trying to capture the day before it starts to fade away. I'll post that soon.

Happy Monday, all! Myer has his first doctor's check-up today... wish us luck!

Myer has BIG HANDS.


t h a i t r a i t said...

Yes, from the few pics of seen of Myer and your husband, I definitely think he resembles him!

It's wonderful that you're doing so well!!

skylana said...

i think its so dumb that people are like that, they're probably jealous that you look all cute and can get out with such a young baby. we did the same thing, i just wanted to go places! and i dont think ezra and myer look alike at all! they look totally different to me! like mine. so crazy.

wendie said...

I kept my newborn indoors for eight weeks because her pediatrician recommended it. I also agreed to it because as a nurse I am VERY aware of what is out there. But I am by no means a germ-a-phobe.

Right now its RSV season, so I would be extra careful.

I went out during those eight weeks, but my baby stayed at home. I understand that it takes a lot of discipline to keep your baby at home for all that time when all you really want to do is take him out and enjoy spending time with him outside the walls of your home.

For me, taking my daughter out was not an option. However, I understand that every parent will do what they feel is right for their family. Plus, you're breastfeeding, right? That good ol' booby juice packs a nice punch of the extra antibodies baby needs to keep him healthy.

He's beautiful! Congratulations!

Zimms Zoo said...

We went to a wedding when one of ours was 3 days old. She did fine, didn't come down with anything, and is still the healthiest 10 years later.

I think it all depends on the parents. But we aren't a stay at home family either. but I have friend who still is scared to death of germs and won't take her babies out for about 6 weeks and won't hardly take out her big kids even now and guess what? They are still sick all the time. Much more than us who aren't so careful. Maybe we are immune to germs now LOL!

Your boys are precious. Still no baby for us. After all those contractions and barely at a 1. Very frustrating!!

lorieloo said...

yeah um, I'm SO all about getting out and about. good for you, good for him. and since he's nursing, he's like UBER protected from germs. good for you guys=)

Bekah said...

he is so cute! i love the picture of ezra and myer its so cute.

i would agree with you. if you feel great and the baby is great who cares get out enjoy, and this is the best time when all he does is sleep you can do whatever you want.

Congratulations he is precious!

Andrea June said...

Soooo cute! I love the pic of Myer and Ezra at the bottom...he really does have big hands! Maybe he will use them to be an amazing piano player!
Congrats on your beautiful little Myer!

Talia said...

he's so perfect, so precious. I'm like drooling over the yummy baby pictures!!! :)
I'm so glad you're feeling so great!! And good for you at getting out and about-- keeps away those baby blues, for sure. I always did that too. I remember one time I had Annabelle out when she was about two weeks old, and some little old lady gave me a full lecture on how I was exposing her to germs galore and should bring her home immediately. Um, thanks lady, but I'd rather my kid start to build up an immunity of SOME sort before she's 5. :)
Yay for you guys!

Hello said...

Myer is beautiful and I agree with Skylana and you that you seem to have a miniture Chris on your hands this time. How fun to have them both reflect on of their parents. I have an almost ten month old baby girl and watching and reading about your pregnancy and seeing Myer makes me crave having a sweet new born again. Though I think I will savor the feeling and wait a bit for the actual new born. :) Congratulations, he is precious. And I say go out and enjoy the world if you feel up to! I to am not afraid of germs.

Kalle said...

What a sweet pic of the boys. Have fun on your outings. I only hope to feel as good as you after my little in June.

Annie Peterson said...

I love it that you're out and about! If you're feeling wonderful, it sounds so much more healthy to be getting out.

I think they have the same [totally adorable] chin! :)

Candace said...

Go out and about I say....you know what is right for your little one. I absolutely love the pictures.

I am sooooo stoked that I won the baby pool...who would have guessed. Anywho...I love you mucho too and can't wait till March. =)

skylana said...

yea doubt your baby will get anything if arabella rarely rarely gets sick and she does nasty things like lick her shoes, or the carts at target, kiss every person she sees... AND shes not immunized... and not breastfeeding anymore. plus we took nola out and the only thing she got was a cold from ara sticking her booger fingers in her mouth!

ElizabethSheryl said...

Bodies are resilient, and we have to be around germs to build our immune system. I've never understood that not taking your kids ANYWHERE thing. Having sick/random people hold the baby is one thing, but just going to the park and what-not is not going to be the end of the world!

Jiff said...

OMG! The last pic of Ezra holding Myer is beautiful. I hope you get that framed.

I love the big hands! lol.

And I took Bayley out and about too. We had her home a day or so, but that's because she had to spend a week in the nursery while I was sent home. :( But we took her out with us the Sunday after she was discharged (Wed, a week after her birth). She was teensy weensy, too, and I obsessed about her head falling forward in the carseat and not letting her breathe. lol.

Now she's about to be too big for that carrier. I'm going to purchase a new carseat within a few weeks. :(

Misguided Mommy said...

brandons first week of life we went to meadowood mall, costco and walmart...i look at it like i was boosting his immune system!

but the looks i got, ooooo the looks!

Loralee Choate said...

I think so much of it depends on your own past experiences. Once you've been out and about and had your 2 week old get RSV you tend to freak out more when you see other babies out in the winter.

(However, I never vocalize that opinion. Like new parents have room for one more thing on their plates, ya know? Besides, to each his own. My stuff doesn't have to be the end result for other people.)