November 1, 2008

Hall Bathroom Make-Over: Before & After

Okay, so I'm realizing that the pictures just don't do the bathroom make-over justice. But here they be anyways!


(I took these pics right after we moved into the house in 2006.) Not too bad. But the wallpaper was peeling at all the seams and, well, the floral overload just wasn't our cup of tea. So, one week ago, at 9:00PM the night before my parents arrived, Chris decided to do something about it.

This is during the transformation. We'd peeled off all the wallpaper and Chris had retextured the entire bathroom the night before. My parents would be arriving in a couple of hours at this point. {Cue slightly BIGGER panic attack with a generous side of eye twitching.}


Now, the bathroom is a delicious dark gray (my favorite color), and all the white accents make it feel clean and modern. I'm thinking of getting a dark teal rug/toilet seat cover to add a little color to the room. If you ask me, Dark Teal and Dark Gray go together like bananas and pudding.

Mmmmmmmm... banana pudding... DROOL.

(Note to self: Ew. Never again use delicious food combinations when referencing the color of your TOILET SEAT COVERS. I may never eat banana pudding again. *sob*)


R-becca said...

gorgeous - and it freaks me out how similar we are (really? after all these years I should know). But I am painting my living room gray and dark gray - I was going to do my accent wall dark teal. to match my rug/pillows...but then just wanted more gray/brown darkness. HA! I'll blog photos when it is done.

l e a h said...

Oh my, I have had the same idea about my living room as r-becca for some time now...our ceilings are pretty high and there is lots of light and YOUR BATHROOM IS FABULOUS AND INSPIRING so I think I will stick with my gut and go with gray.

Yum. Scraping away wallpaper. Is there anything more exciting?

Looks great. Enjoy that banana pudding.

l e a h

anna joy said...

aw its perfect! i love it!

Ashley said...

wow, it looks awesome!

skylana said...

yes. banana pudding. exactly what they're like.... now i want someone to bring me banana pudding in bed.

Jiff said...

VERY nice!!!

Kalle said...

Your spruced up bathroom looks fabulous.

Mrs. Priss said...

Very nice remodel! I love the colors!

Esme said...

Just recently came across your blog...and am a fan! Would you mind sharing the name of the paint color you used in your is the prfect shade...and I have been on th hunt for a perfect gray for my bathroom as well. Thanks!

Emery Jo said...

hi esme!

the color is "gauntlet gray", and we love it!