November 17, 2008

30 Weeks Pregnant.

Thirty weeks!

Just like clockwork, the third trimester has brought restless nights and difficulty sleeping. This is mostly due to the fact that the dreaded leg cramps are back, and all methods of eating bananas and drinking milk and taking vitamins and stretching before bed are seemingly powerless against them. I find myself staring bleary eyed at the clock as it inches closer to 2 AM almost every night, plowing through book after book and stretching in the dark until my legs feel like old rubber bands.

Other than this discomfort, I still feel extra super great. I'm definitely starting to feel my limitations, however, and am TRYING to remember to ask for help instead of expecting special treatment and consideration to fall from the sky into my (ever shrinking) lap. Little things, like getting Ezra into his carseat and oh, getting up off the smooshy couch are becoming exceedingly difficult to manage on my own. Heck... I can barely get out of the bathtub by myself these days. By the end of the day, my body is sore and tired, yet the second I lay down for my much desired rest, my legs start acting like naughty, silently screaming banshees.

Pregnancy... the training ground for the lack of sleep headed your way.

I took a good nap yesterday and got more sleep last night than I have in awhile, though, so I'm feeling great today. Bring on the mountainous laundry!

Ezra has a a cold today, so we are laying low.

Your nursery paint suggestions have been weighed and considered. We have yet to actually paint, but I think we're in agreement with the majority of your suggestions... stay with something similar to the green.

As per the job- THANK YOU for your very helpful suggestions and opinions. They were beyond helpful and I think I am comfortable with my current decision (to wait), and hope that the opportunity presents itself again at a more opportune time. To those of you who threw in your two cents... thank you so much.

Lastly- I am having a BLAST meeting some of you on facebook! What a great way to get to know some of you a little better. Thanks to all of you for being my friend and joining the blog network!

I can't believe I get to meet this squirmy little guy in 9ish weeks. SINGLE DIGITS, people! SINGLE DIGITS!


Zimms Zoo said...


That is how I feel. I can't wait to meet this little either.

I finally went and took a tour of the new hospital (when I had #5 it was still over in the other hospital). I was very impressed with labor and delivery room. The room they move you to after that isn't as nice. But the nurse that did the tour said they have birthing balls and such and love natural births. Very exciting for me!

l e a h said...

Single digits! Doesn't seem possible. Hope the banshees quiet down soon.

Ah, yes...facebook. Are you on twitter, too?

Anonymous said...

Wow!! 9 weeks to go...good luck. You look super cute in that blue color.

skylana said...

um... you're belly is SO cute and SO tiny for 30 weeks...

curdiemer said...

I know exactly what you mean about the leg thing!!!!

Are you on iron supplements? If I didn't take my iron my legs were so restless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emery!

I found your blog via Debra's sister Ashely. I love your thought on life, and I enjoy your writings. You library job post made me think of something. Do you live near a Boarders? The one here in Colorado let you work as little as 4 hours a week. It's not as cool as a library, but you get a great discount, lots of free advance reader books and music, and they offer insurance plans for anyone who works over 8 hours a week.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through a friend's blog and I love it. You are so funny, real, and honest. I really enjoy your writing. Just had to comment that I love it when women can still maintain their personal style while being pregnant. Some people just give up and frump out. You look cute. All power to you.


could you seriously get any cuter? I meannnnnnnn...