October 4, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Tension 2008

Here is a brief clip of my son playing a "dance-along with oobi" game on noggin.com the other day while dressed in his Batman attire. This video clip explains, in short, why my life is so ridiculously awesome.

Also? This:

This past week has been somewhat eventful, starting with the fact that last Monday, I ran over my son's little finger while pulling him and his friend in the wagon. About 30 seconds before it happened, I heard the mommy voice in my head telling me to "warn him not to lean over the side like that". I decided not to listen to my mommy voice that morning, simply because... I don't know. He's done it a thousand times before. Sure enough- 30 seconds later, the wagon wheels ground to a stop as I continued to pull on the handle for a step or two- munching Ezra's finger instantly. There was lots of blood, and a good chunk of his lower pointer finger was rubbed clean off. We've been keeping the wound clean and it's healing well now, but it was not pretty. He's been a trooper through it all. A whiny trooper, but a trooper none the less.

Then my mother-in-law was in a bicycling accident that left her and her friend completely beat up from shoulder to toe. She had to go to the ER that night and ended up getting staples in her elbow. Chris got a call while we were on a walk the night that it had happened, his dad asking for Chris to come help, and Chris took off running to get back to the house before I knew any details of what was going on. It was spooky, but I'm so glad she's okay and recovering well now. A week of injury! Gah!

Our friends who had been living with us moved out on Friday, and we miss seeing them everyday. When they got in the car to leave, it felt like they were moving to a different state or something... like we'd never get to see them anymore. We still see them all the time, but still... it's so quiet 'round here all the sudden.

Finally, my dearest neighbor friend had her baby on Friday!! She was my Bradley instructor recently, and her natural birth went very, very well. I'm so proud of her! I have yet to meet baby Abigail because there has been a little bit of a flu bug in our house this weekend, but as soon as we're all clear I'm going to run over there and kiss some squishy baby face. I am so, so excited for their precious family.

Other than that, not much is new, except that the "great pumpkin tension" is creeping into our household again with the Fall season. What is the "great pumpkin tension" you ask? It happens every year around this time. It's complicated, but basically it boils down to this:

I LOVE pumpkins. My husband LOATHES them.

Heck, I love pumpkins so much that I really wanted to DECORATE THE TABLES at our Fall wedding with little ones. (This is when I first learned of his pumpkin aversion.) If I could, I would decorate my whole house with the things. I don't know why I love them so much. They are just so... orange. And... round. And... cute.

So, the tension has arrived again.

We shall see who triumphs this year. I am teaching Ezra to say, "Daddy, a pumpkin would complete me."

I'm thinking I have a good chance this time around.


skylana said...

hahaha 'the great pumpkin tension'... what a nice thing to have tension about :) but i do have to say.... i'm a little more of a chris-type than an emery on this. i wouldn't say loathe, but orange is my least fav color... and i dont really see the point of a pumpkin hanging around.. unless they're gonna get in your pie or pancakes.

R-becca said...

Oh man, I love pumpkins. I kept checking the stores for the mini baby pumpkins at the end of September. I always get one and name it...this year's is: Smellplop.

Jeninacide said...

I love pumpkins too! However, they always end up rotting in our backyard over the winter. Ew.

Laura said...

I heart the videos. I don't think my son is ever going to talk... he can't even say "da". *cry*
I love pumpkins too. :D

Jiff said...

I LOVE the videos. Your son is precious.

And how can hubby HATE pumpkins?? He sounds like a communist!! haha. Just kiddin. Seriously, I'm with you on this... have Ezra bat those precious eyelashes and say Pweeeeze Daddy? A pumpkin would compweet me!!!

hehe. Who could resist that??

Christi said...

I love it! When Ezra does say this and you get a pumpkin...it will be awesome! I love pumpkins as well so I am rooting for ya!

Candace said...

there are some serious issues here....Chris doesn't like PUMPKINS!!!! This must be addressed asap. I mean does he not know that that is my one time favorite event that I hold every year (this year is the 4th annual White house pumpkin carving party).....I mean who can't like pumpkin guts and carving???? I say WHO?!!!!!

This year one of the awards will be to the best artistically named pumpkin.

anna joy said...

okay seriously, that days of the week video is ridiculous. also, i laughed so stinking hard at what you are trying to teach ezra to say to chris. ahahahhhahahah

p.s. im so excited for baby. like, when i knew you were going to the doctor and going to post if it was a boy or a girl i rushed home to check your blog. yep. "uh...WOW...." is right.


i have to agree with all the pumpkin/orange loving people out there... and ezra has to be the cutest boy ever! wish we lived closer so i could share more in your "ridiculously awesome" life.

lorieloo said...

hahah! I heart pumpkins too! I keep wanting to buy some at the grocery store but am using all my will power to wait until we do our big family pumpkin patch expedition/photog session this weekend=)

Tell Chris that if he doesn't let you buy pumpkins that you'll simply have to start calling him "pumpkin" instead of honey or dear. Cause don't guys just love pet names?=)