May 19, 2008

The Tragic Death of a Nokia 6068.

About three days ago, I got a brand new cell phone in the mail. It was shiny and new and had a CAMERA in it! I'd never owned such a fancy phone before! It had the ability to seamlessly connect to any HotSpot wifi and all those calls were free!

Oh, how I loved my new phone. I petted it and kept it clean and shiny and even left those stickers on all the LCD displays. It was my new pet! We were going to grow old together!

However, after just THREE DAYS in my care, it now looks like this:

This is what happens when you put your shiny new pet on top of your car and then drive away. The poor dear clung to the top of my car for about 6 arduous miles. What a fighter! But once I got onto the freeway, it just couldn't hold on any longer. The last thing I remember is seeing it roll away behind me in my rear view mirror- breaking into a million pieces and scattering it's shiny bits to the wind.

RIP, dear pet. (Your replacement will be here by the end of the week.)


MoMar said...

hmmmm, leaving items on top of your car and driving away ... does that run in your family?

Marni Tiani Self said...

I've done that. Except it was with a very expensive camera. Ouch, I feel your pain.