May 27, 2008

The Mother of All Hair Posts.

This is what Ezra looked like yesterday.

And this is what he looks like today.

Here's what happened.

I was all, "Chris! We should give Ezra a buzz cut this Summer since he sweats like a juice box!"

Chris: "No. He would look very silly in a buzz cut."

Me: "Nooooo he wouldn't!!"

Fast forward a few days. I'd trimmed Ezra's hair, and Chris loved it. It was short but not too short. Ezra looked dashing.

Then I noticed that I'd missed some spots, and that the top still seemed way too long. So, I picked up my scissors again.

It all went downhill from there.

Let's just say he looked exactly like Loyd from 'Dumb and Dumber' by the time my second trim was over.


Chris was at work, so I decided to take the plunge and just cut it ALL off. I'd rather have a big bald headed boy than a boy who incites images of LLOYD FROM DUMB AND DUMBER every time I look at him.

Chris was very sad when I sent a picture of the new 'do' to his cell phone. He does not like the buzz cut.

It is growing on me, however. At first I wasn't too keen on the look, either. (UHMM... Probably because it made my baby-child suddenly look like a fourteen year old.) But we went outside in the heat today and Ezra did not look like a sweaty, wilting flower! He did not turn bright pink! He just ran around looking like happy fourteen year old with military aspirations! Hooray buzz cut!

Maybe I'm just taking out my repressed scissor fingers on my son, since I cannot cut my own hair. Speaking of which... Operation: Grow Hair - an update!

It seems like it is MUCH too hot to be carrying around all this excess hair on top of my head. A small part of me wants to chop it. Because it FEELS like this:

Luckily, I found this photo of Kate Moss the other day:

...and am using it as an inspiration to keep on GROWING. Who knew? My hair is just like Kate Moss'. (Moss's? Moss'eses?) Big and blonde and poofy and lion's mane-ish. The kind of hair that makes you feel like you're wearing a heavy diva wig on your head in the humid, 90 degree weather!

She's got about 6 inches on me in this image. And fortunately for me, my hair grows like CRAZY when I'm pregnant. So... I'm sure to catch up in no time. Right?

Right. UNLESS I CHOP IT. (Which I won't.) (Or maybe I will.) No, no... yes! NO.


Mercy Kidz said...

He looks georgous, how his eyes could get bigger I a dont know but it happend! Also your hair is going to grow like crazy with the prenatal vitamins so that well help!

Modest Mousketeer said...

Ezra looks adorable and you're doing fantastic with the grow out. I too am in the midst of growing back out what I have now chopped and donated three times. Only problem, I'm getting OLDER and the hair just aint what she used to be. I can't believe how slowly it's growing compared to five years ago so, continue to be grateful for your hormonal advantage! I'll continue to take out my repressed scissor addictions on my bangs.

Our Crooked Tree said...

Back away from the scissors...for you that is. Never cut your hair under the influence of hormones!
Ezra looks dashing! We did the same for Little Man as it got hotter and I felt I had a 12 year old all of a sudden! Funny what a hair cut can do.

Misguided Mommy said...

i luuurve his new hair looks so good

i also love your hair too, don't even think about it missy

Debra K said...

Im sorry im with chris on this one.

skylana said...

i'm with chris... but luckily you have a son who is so freakin gorgeous it doesnt matter what haircut he has... he prolly looked super cute with the lloyd cut. and DONT cut your hair. i've been waiting 7 years to see it long! and i'm growing mine out while i'm preg too.... but then we have to have the strength to not cut it off when there's a tiny muffin all up in our business.

Scott and Lorie said...

i LOVE the new do. it did make me sad a little (how weird!) to see him looking so much older. but maybe it will be good for him. to learn to separate baby ezra to big boy ezra as a process of welcoming baby? who knows.

but i do really love it. and i'm so proud of your hair as well. cause i'm all too familiar with "cut happy" syndrome.

Kelli :) said...

I love the buzz cut! What a wonderful accident. you can really see those eyes, he looks adorable. And I find that whenever I want to cut my hair I put myself to another task; finishing an unread book or organizing something and other things. It helps. Good luck!

rebekah said...

The plus of his half accidental buzz cut is that his big brown eyes look even bigger and more fawnish...soooo heartmelting!

R-becca said...

I think he looks awesome!

Band of Brothers said...

Emery Jo Clark! you didn't!

he does look super cute though, especially in that b&w photo. and i can appreciate how nice it must be for him not to be so sweaty. my poor mop-tops don't have such an understanding mother though. i figure, if all the little girls can handle long hair in the heat...

and congrats on your upcoming newby!

Tracee said...

Should've given the boy a summer mohawk. Everyone goes ga ga over my baby's mohawk.

I hear you with the hair. I've had issues cutting mine. But in the summer it feels like a wool hat.

I also realized that I had the same hair I had in high school - like I didn't want to let that girl go. Sad isn't it?

I cut it above the shoulder and got it thinned and with a more flattering shape. It feels fantastic. Liberating truly.

Hunny Bee May said...

Where'd you get that kite? I think we need one.

Laski said...

Oh my . . . your little guy is so cute it hurts!!!

And the hair thing . . . whoa. I am short, short now and keep telling myself I want to grow it out. Then . . I cut it. Ugh. I have no patience.