February 15, 2008

Wait... He's SHORT?

Ezra's birthday was great fun but not nearly as documented as I'd have liked it to be because (as it turns out) having 15+ children and their moms in my little house was a bit... um... chaotic? Gee... Who'da thunk it?

Here are the three photos I managed to snap of the most special event:




Ezra had a blast. (A very whiny "I-want-everything-right-now-don't-touch-my-
kind of a blast.) It was so fun having all his friends over to celebrate, though, and the fact that there may or may not have been FIVE cupcakes leftover for me to scarf dispose of was really just an added bonus.

Our most favoritest neighbors and dear friends brought over a gift for Ezra before the party on Wednesday, and that gift has hardly left the boy's shoulders ever since:

IS THIS NOT THE COOLEST THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN? My neighbor and her mother designed it and made it, because they both knew that at the very moment a little boy turns three, knowledge of all things Super hero falls out of the sky and downloads into their brains by some miraculous, unknown force- causing them to run up and down hallways all day long screaming "I FLY! FWOOSH! I FLY! FWOOSH!"

Ezra loves the cape almost as much as I do.

My latest journal:

Created by buying a cheapy spiral bound notebook and taping some pages from my friend Jeremy's old clothing catalog onto the front with clear packaging tape. I have a feeling this journal is going to hold many good things between its covers. New things.

I took Ezra to a new doctor (LOVE HIM) on Tuesday, and he was able to explain to me more of what Ezra's chest wall deformity really is. (Have I ever talked about this here before? No? Well, his ribs have been silly shaped since birth.) It's some form of Pectus- where his lower right ribs are sunken in due to a cartilage abnormality. It isn't causing him any pain or shortness of breath at this point, so it is just one of those things they'll keep their eye on as he grows. Doc said it would probably get worse before it gets better, but it's not harmful. Just odd looking.

Also, Ezra only measured in the second percentile for height. 2%!! THAT'S REALLY SHORT. I was all, "Um, Doc? My husband and I be TALL glasses of water. How is this possible?" He asked me if I was always tall, or if I had a sudden growth-spurt later on in life. Then I remembered that I was always the shortest kid in my class (do you guys remember lining up for picture day by height?) until about 7th grade when suddenly my arms and legs got so long that I had to wrangle them in to fit through doorways. That's right about the time my gymnastics career took a nosedive, too. I should've been a ballerina. Or a swimmer. Or a coat rack.

Chris said he was never tall as a kid, either, but that he grew very gradually over a very long period of time. He was still growing in college. People ask him all the time if he played basketball in high school, and he always says "No, I wasn't really all that tall back then." and as the people gaze upwards into his face you can almost see the wild look of disbelief in their eyes.

So, we have a short kid. With silly ribs. And a wicked sense of humor. Wearing a star spangled cape.

Absolutely perfect in every way.


Sarah said...

Love it. Love everything about it. I want a cape. NOW.

Talia said...

STOOOOOP! I already want a boy so badly that I might explode, and now you've just gone and made it ten times worse, with that adorable cape on your adorable son.

Scott and Lorie said...


what is ezra's super power? and does he have a super hero name yet?

I can't wait to see what mischief that cape will cause=)

Maria said...

Well he's adorable!

anna joy said...

how flippin cute! and um hello can i have a cupcake plz thanx

Andrea June said...

He may be short, but he is oh-so-cute!!! I'm kind of jealous of his cape...and his cupcakes...

Misguided Mommy said...

new things. NEW THINGS WHAT NEW THINGS? baby new things? was that your subtle way of saying your pregnant but not ready to tell?


Darrin said...

Gosh those cupcakes look absolutely perfect!! My wife started drooling when I showed them to her!

Flo Oakes said...

Cute cute cute cute! In that cape! Toooo cute! Happy Birthday Ezra:)
We wish you could make it east to Sera's polka dot tea party next month. If you are in town for some odd reason, you are most definitely invited.
The last sentence is killer. So cute.

Katy said...

Oh my goodness!!! The cape is AMAZING! LOL! A couple random comments...

1.your hair! *from previous post* it is so beautiful and long! LOL!

2. the journal is awesome! Such a great idea!

I told Matt tonight that I have "blogger friends" and he laughed a LOT and made fun of me a lot.. called me a dork in fact... LOL! But... I was telling him how I always read you and Ashley Forrette's blog's... so fun and exciting! LOL!

Hunny Bee May said...

Do you have any of those cupcakes left? Could you send one up my way? Or at least the recipe. They look gorgeous and yummy!

Cheeziemommie said...

Those cupcakes look absolutely yummalicious! I must make some!
I do not know you or your family - or really any of your friends even though I constantly find myself on their blogs too.
But I just had to say that your sone is A D O R A B L E - which you already know - but I had always thought that he looked really tall for his age! I was really shocked when you said he was turning 3 cause I thought for sure he would be practically 4!

Tara R. said...

What a cool friend you have to make that cape for your son. Very cool cape too.

Cheatwoods said...

i agree, he is perfection!

Momo Fali said...

Yes...perfect. And, lucky to have a Mom like you!

skylana said...

aw and thats a design seth did on your new computer.

skylana said...

i meant new journal! hahahahaha. but i just got a new computer so it was just on my mind. what a dork.