January 3, 2008

On The Road Between Home and... Home.

We've just spent thirteen lifetimes hours in a car that is packed to the brim with remnants of a happy Christmas and too many clothes. (Always too many clothes!) We left Reno at 5:00AM this morning and arrived here in Flagstaff, Arizona (our halfway point) at about 6:30PM.

The hotel room that I am sitting in right now does NOT smell like propane gas.

I cannot say that about the first room they put us in, however. It smelled like an explosion waiting to happen when we walked into the first room they assigned us, and thankfully my husband is a strong man who isn't afraid to march right back into a dimly lit office and demand a room that won't, oh you know, kill us while we're sleeping or something. We are paying for this room after all, and we'd prefer the non-death option, if it's not too much trouble.


We are comfy and together, and so this little room still manages to feels like home somehow. Chris went out to get us dinner, and Ezra is busy getting his cars acquainted with every drive-able surface area he can find within reach. Things are good.

We are still twelve hours from home, and if they are anything like the last twelve, I will spend much of the time looking out the window at the blurry landscape and begging it to tell me where I am going, and who the heck I will be when I finally get there.

If life were a game of Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey, I would be in the blindfolded, disorienting, 'spin in circles' phase. I'm so ready to stick that pin in the donkey's butt... to really STICK IT TO HIM, you know? ... but I don't even know if he's in front of me or behind me.

I'm sorry. That's the travel weariness talking. Donkeys? Metaphors about life involving Donkeys? What the??

To our dear family that we've recently parted from: We miss you and love you and are seeing your faces ever before us as we make our way slowly home. Thank you for all you've done for us these past two months... you've blessed us more than we could ever say.


Dave said...

You are most welcome and we miss you too.

Andrea June said...

That pic of Ezra is priceless :) Happy driving!

Momar said...

Emery: I can't wait for you to get to where you are going ... but it's OK if it takes awhile. The house is too quiet, i miss the sound of Ezzie feet pounding down the hallways. His little voice yelling "WOOK!" and "come on, Momar, play toys!"
I miss you guys, come back anytime.
Love, Momar

Baby*Mama*Elyse said...

i dont remember how i came across your blog but i am so glad i did! you write so beautifully and i find myself smiling and relating to what you are writing about.

i have a brand new baby and you make me look forward to the years to come even though right now its a little hard.

i know what you mean about pin the tail on the donkey...i feel that way too right now. it seems like a year ago i knew what my life was and now im like, what the hell happened todo?!, im definitely not in kansas anymore!! but we'll figure it out.

anyways to end this book ive written, thanks for sharing your thoughts with the random WWW. good luck with everything!!

Scott and Lorie said...

Oh Emery, I love you. I don't even know you and I love. I can so relate to the battle your brain and heart is raging. Hopefully in the next twelve hours God might grant you some clarity. In the meantime, rest in knowing that you are a child of God, therefore, NEVER lost. Confused at times, but never lost.

hubs said...

just a reminder, it's time for a banner change (2008).

Hope and Jojos mom said...

you crack me up!! Hope to see you soon!