December 15, 2007


The boy is growing in leaps and bounds.

Taller, leaner, more apt to karate chop invisible foe and throw rocks down hills while making missile noises.

His desire to see his room is becoming less pressing with each wrapped present we put under the tree. He is SO excited about Christmas. And he's having lots of fun here in Reno.

Also, he talks now... have I mentioned?

After months of worry and fretting and waiting and hoping and bribing and begging and, finally, CHILLING THE HECK OUT; he speaks. In full, legible sentences. It started about 3 months ago or so... a new word here and there and there and soon he was saying pretty much anything we asked him to repeat. And now he talks.

Most nights, just before I drift off to sleep, I think of Ezra. I think of the day and the changes I'm sure to have seen in him. I think of his future. Will he ever grow into that large noggin of his? I think of the person he will fall in love with and I pray for her. (Lord, protect her heart. Stand guard over it.) I think of how I need to brush his teeth more and how he'll be old one day and how he'll probably have the ability to make a whole room full of people laugh and beam. Because he is already so funny and witty.

Every night I pray for him to grow in Godly wisdom, and for him to have a heart like David did in the Bible. David was SO overjoyed that God was returning to his people that he tore off his robe and started dancing like a crazy person in front of all his friends. He danced because his heart told him to, and all his friends laughed at him and thought he was drunk, but he wasn't. He was just living outside of the bounds of DOING WHAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS YOU SHOULD DO.

We need more modern day Davids in this world.

I just know that Ezra will dance to a different tune like that.

Heck, he's already begun.


anna joy said...

oh emery, how do you always make me cry about things i didn't know made me so happy? you are such a great mom. can't wait to see the changes you and ezra and chris continue to grow through, its been so fun 'getting to know' all of you. God bless :)

bravenec said...

Your prayers are the best gift you can ever give him. Thanks for the encouragement to continue to do the same for my boys!

Amy said...

Wonderful pictures! I also pray for the boy out there who will marry my daughter and the girls, who may not even be born yet, who will marry my boys.

Really touching post.

dawn224 said...

A modern day David.


Danae said...

Yep, I teared up too. You write a mother's heart for her children beautifully and sincerely. I'm so glad I read it.

Momo Fali said...

Yay you! That was a great post! It's amazing the wishing we do for our kids...things we never considered we would wish for before they came along.

Cristina Mathers said...

this was a great post, and it made me tear up and then cry! i can totally relate to this!

Allegra said...

You take the most beautiful pictures of your son! Do you mind my asking what camera you have? I hope you are having the Merriest of Christmas preparations!