December 4, 2007

Boot Camp. Potty Style.

Now this is what I call PROGRESS.

Yesterday's Potty Training Boot Camp went very well. There were no accidents. There was much peeing and (gasp!) there was a poop. IN THE POTTY. It was the shape and size of a tangerine. Owie. He was so proud of himself that he got very upset when I threw the toilet paper in the potty and it covered up his masterpiece. And he was remiss to flush it.

His first potty poop! Yay!

He had slipped away on his own to go, so I am thinking he might be one of those kids that needs his privacy.

Afterwards, we all clapped, we danced, we praised him and hugged him and ooohed and ahhhed until the kid was so excited I think he would have popped one hundred more times if he could have. He got a new toy that MoMar and DooDad just happened to have out in the garage. He kept running to the potty all by himself and climbing up on the toilet and going potty with no help. HE WAS LOVING IT.

This morning when he woke up, he was dry. Then he used the potty all by himself.

I am so proud.

Thank you for all of your help.

Today I plan to work with him a little more on it and then take him out of the house somewhere. This makes me a little nervous because it takes so long to drive into town from my parent's house. There could be accidents. Eeek. I think I will plan on leaving right after he goes pee again.

Isn't this the most fascinating post ever? Me rambling on and on about timing my life around my son's pee and poo? So great. I know you are all riveted. And you're probably all refreshing your browsers over and over again to see if I've posted MORE about Ezra's potty habits in the time it took you to read this.

Please be patient with me. There's only so much I can do. I'm only one person. I will try to update you every quarter of an hour on our progress.

hehe. I JEST.

For the love! Give the people a break, mom.


Court said...

Love that pic of Ezra!

Cheatwoods said...

Thats great Ezra, what a big boy, i was going to tell you that Jerami took him intot he bathroom in the beging every tiem he had to go, so he would just see Daddy Pee, and want to dod what he was doing, the way he was doing it. So now we are fully day time potty trained, and we are now sleeping dry in the day time for nap, but still wearing a diaper at night, wich is ok, I dont want him gettingup every hour!! Who wants that?? Hahahaha Your doing great, that is such a good idea. we do a sticker chart with Josaihs chores and he LOVES IT!!

Miss said...

Yay Ezra! That is great progress! I hope for both your sakes that it stays that way!!

Not So Perfect said...

Oh that is great!! I really need all the help I can get with this potty training thing. My e-mail address is:


Not So Perfect said...

oh shoot there is a "dot" in there.

Danae said...

Yay! I will definitely have to try the chart. And the prizes.
And as a mommy, this is all VERY interesting blog material, so keep it comming!

Talia said...

I'm glad you updated us! Hooray for Ezra! That is fabulous. I bet you both feel so accomplished. :)
you are right, that particular method IS kind of like potty training boot camp! I never thought of it that way before... Anyway... yippee!

dawn224 said...

I think it's a great post! Believe me, mine someday will be all about sleep success... someday...

Lisa said...

He is SO cute! Congrats on the potty training.

Mr Lady said...

Hooray! Fingers are crossed for you!