November 12, 2007

The Wicked Clutch of the West.

I've started recovering from my sickness just in time to receive the nauseating news that the clutch in our car is shot. And, as if for good measure, the brakes are too.

The clutch going out seemed very odd to us, because usually clutches don't give out until they are ten years old or so. Our car is barely 4 years old.

After doing a little research, it turns out that our year and model of car is known for its faulty clutches- and it is so bad that I am shocked that there hasn't been a class action suit filed against Toyota for it. Word of Advice: Don't buy a 2003 Toyota Matrix XLS unless you want to replace the clutch every couple of years. Some people said their clutches didn't make it past 10,000 miles. Ex-squeeze me?

I am counting my blessings, however, because the clutch could have decided to give out a week ago somewhere outside of Seligman, Arizona and we all could have been stranded in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, America. That would have been crap-tastic!

Other than that, things are good here in Reno. It is getting cold. There is snow on the mountains. And the Starbucks is plentiful.

It's hard to stay mad for too long at silly things like 2003 Toyota Matrix XLS clutches when you can look out of your window and see this:

For my Oklahoma friends back home: This is called a mountain.

Also? More free babysitting than you can shake a stick at.



Hunny Bee May said...

I am jealous of your view. And I get to look out on a forest preserve and have deer come in back yard, so that's saying something. And I like your moon better than mine. Lucky ducks! (Oh, except for the of luck getting that taken care of!)

Andrea June said...

What a beautiful view! Too bad about your car, but you can get it fixed, yes?
BTW...I just ordered myself a macbook pro. So excited! Only three more days and I won't have to deal with this crappy dell ever again!

blackbird said...

sorry about the car - that sort of sucks...

Amy said...

Oh - gorgeous picture!!

Jeninacide said...

Ha we totally have had a similar time with my hubby's truck. A total of $4500 of work done to it this month- and his truck ISN'T EVEN WORTH THAT MUCH!!!


Oh how I do miss that view though. Jealous. OMG.

Brother in Law Dave said...

Nice slam with the mountain there dear sister in law. Fewer torandoes in Oklahoma if they could import some of our mountains.