October 16, 2007

Weekend Update. (AKA Avoiding Housework.)

My house: Laptop Central.

Girls Gone Wii.

Boys can Wii, too!

Joel decided to chop off the hair.

We think he looks dashing.

Cameron. Man of Wonder.

Anna. The Gaming Queen.

Chris. Wearing my favorite shirt.

Good buddy Jamie.

Jeremy. Probably doing something crazy.

Tribal Council.


oakie joel said...

look at cameron's eyes on the last "tribal council" picture. focused. admiring.

dawn224 said...

laptop central :) we have that too!

Britt said...

Is that your green piano in the background? It's awesome!!!

Coral said...

I love the title of the Girls gone Wii. Funny. I needed that. I'm studying some pathophysiology of kidneys. hmm... the blog and pictures was needed.


Hannah said...

Looks like you guys had tons o' fun.

That laptop central picture cracks me up!

Anna Ingalls said...

wii did go wild. Thanks again...we had such an amazing time! I hope we didnt leave your house in too much crazyness - see you in Reno?!

Secret Agent Mama said...

I loved seeing this! It looks so warm, inviting, and love filled in your home. And, having the friends there...icing on the cake!!