October 11, 2007

Full House.

I woke up this morning with a really sore throat and had to back out of leading worship for this month's Mom's Meeting up at the church. I thought I'd lost my voice, but it seems okay now. I was bummed to miss the meeting, but my house was buzzing with warmth and comfort and love as Cameron and Anna snuggled on the couch with Ezra to watch his morning cartoons with him.

The coffee was brewing, the doors were opened to let in the fresh Fall air, and there was no lovelier place in the whole wide world than my little house this morning. Ezra played outside and we took turns pushing him on the swings in the backyard. Chris got ready for work, the rest of us set our sights on a coffee shop to eat/drink/be merry at for an hour or maybe two.

Yesterday I was so excited to learn that our dear friend Jeremy was also coming into town along with Cam and Anna. When everyone showed up at the house late last night, it felt like a long over-due family reunion.

Jeremy. Compassionate and Brave.

We all sat outside of the coffee shop and talked about life while masking our fear of the hovering bee.

It is now 2:30 pm and this is a complete list of what my son has eaten today (prior to crashing for his nap):

-waffle with syrup.
-More juice.
-Two bites of cream cheese bagel.
-Sips of mommy's chai.
-Fruit snacks.

With all the added excitement around here, the potty training has taken a sharp turn for the "HUH?!", as Ezra now pees first and then tells me he has to go potty. (That's ass-backwards!) I've had to change his pants three times already today because he's been completely soaked. *sigh* All that juice has to go somewhere, I suppose.

Currently, the house is quiet as all our guests are out and about with Joel and Ezra is fast asleep. I am eyeing the Margarita Mix on the top of the fridge and realizing that I have band practice tonight and should probably figure out which songs to play through.

These people who are out visiting us mean the world to me. We all (clumsily) learned how to love God together in community. We were all collectively wounded when we were suddenly told we'd been doing it all wrong... that, LOOK! We've found the ONLY good way to know God and it requires SIX meetings a week! Also? You're either in or you're out. CHOOSE NOW.

Where's the grace in that for the fumbling parents of a newborn child? Or the college student who already feels swamped by all of the homework and exams? Or the girl who struggles with finding her validity and worth in the eyes of the people around her? Is there room for the addicted? The overwhelmed? And, when they finally hit the wall of 'meetings overload', Are they finding a soft place to fall?



More Later!


Misguided Mommy said...

he has eaten more today then brandon has in three days i'm jealous

elixir said...

I like your tangent.

Hunny Bee May said...

At least he knows to tell you that he pee-peed at all. Not so great after the fact but I suppose it's better than finding wet tushy marks all over the furniture and carpet.
I'm sure in his mind it's all the same. "I peed. I told her. Whatevs". The order is irrelevant. At least that seems to be the case with my tot.
Have a great time with your friends. I ditto elixir on the tangent. God bless.

Anna Joy Photography said...

aw i love how you write. i could totally picture how it was this morning at your house, i love the fall-y morning cozy feeling thing! anyways, best wishes for your visit with cameron and anna, they are the sweetest!

Uncle Dave said...

I believe its "bass-akwards"

momar said...

It may have been clumsily but you collectively got it right.

Rimarama said...

Mmmmm . . . chai.

I'm really curious about your worship community. Will you fill us in in another post?

Andrea June said...

The tangent was good. It took me back, and once again made me feel like I made the right decision. Thanks for your honesty :)

dawn224 said...

I like the tangent ... and I'm curious about the backstory. (Or is that Stackbory?)

Debra K said...

I enjoyed your tangent too. We are so glad we listen to God when he told us to find a new church home. It almost came as a shock to us that our new church wanted to USE us with out months upon months of classes. But boy does it feel good. And i will also say we started going to a small group together, there is nothing better then growing closer to Christ in a small group then with your husband by your side!

Sometimes Emma said...

Emery Jo,

It's been a long time since I've started reading a blog and I've felt like I've known the person forever and it's like we were having a discussion over coffee...I just love your blog!! I can't wait to get to know you better. Thanks for saying hi. I'm so happy you did. (score another point for cre8buzz!)

Scott and Lorie said...

k the pic's cameron put up on his blog of Ezra are YUMMY.
Seriously that kid kills me with those eyes.
And I've decided he is a total mini-Emery.

So fun.

Cheatwoods said...

Jerami and I are growing very close at seperate groups and I am so blessed to be at my church, I love themall so much. God is working powerfully there!! We are daily seeing people come to Jesus

The Buetzow's said...

hi emery, which church were you at? i have friends who go to a church in slo that sounds oddly familiar. i get nervous for them sometimes. i understand if you can't say.

oh, and i have a funny, stalkerish story about those limpic boys.