September 10, 2007

Project: Organize!

This weekend's unexpected project was the complete transformation of the bedroom closets. They were getting so bad that I considered buying a roll of yellow 'Caution' tape to mark them off with and calling it good. We began the weekend by searching for a new dresser to stuff more stuff in, but then my brilliant husband pointed out that, um, we have no ROOM for another dresser, and hey! Look at all this unused space in the closet! (Dur!)

So, he hauled himself off to Lowe's after I begged and pleaded that he go get some new closet organization systems. I knew it would help me feel less cluttered in my mind if I could get those two closets under control. I needed an organizational project like this for my restless mind this weekend, and I was thrilled when Chris agreed to do all the hard work so that I could primly place things in order on my new shelves.

My husband believes in doing things right and well and thouroughly the FIRST time around, so this little project quickly became a two day fiasco for us. We (from henceforth, please note that by "we", I mean "CHRIS".) had to pull out the old shelving, patch the walls where the shelving had been, prime the wall and baseboards, and then completely re-paint the insides of both closets. Then 'we' had to measure off the shelving while doing complicated math formulas to scale the measurements in the instruction manuals from an 8 foot closet space to a measly FIVE FOOT SIX-ish closet space. After that, 'we' had to CUT all the shelving with a hacksaw so that it would squeeze into our itty bitty closet space. All that was left after that was the complicated assembly.

The results:

Our bedroom closet, BEFORE.

All the insides of our closet, on the outside.

Handy AND sexy.

The new shelving.

Our bedroom closet, AFTER.

Now, on to Ezra's closet results:

OKay, I wasn't able to get a before pic of Ezra's closet, but picture all of this stuff piled precariously in a tiny closet- where Ezra couldn't get to any of his toys without help from mom or dad.

Chris working hard on Ezra's closet after we put Ezra down for his nap in our bedroom.

Ezra's closet, AFTER.

And, as an extra bonus, I was able to rearrange Ezra's bookshelf a bit too.

After all of this hard work, I feel like my house is somehow lighter, brighter, cleaner. I feel like I can breathe easier again. Ezra has been playing happily on his own in his room all morning because he can (imagine this!) REACH HIS OWN TOYS! What a concept!

So, I'd like to send an extra special THANK YOU to my husband for all his hard work and patience this weekend. I love my new closets!


Tiff said...

This post is seriously inspiring me to organize my house! Especially Jacks room, it has become a disaster! Looks like you guys had a very productive weekend :-)

Scott and Lorie said...

Handy husbands, both a blessing and a curse huh? I know Scott's quite the perfectionist or a "do it right the first time" kind of guy. And I'm much more, "just get it done" =)

The closets are BEAUTIFUL.

Oh, and the picture of Chris and Ezra in Ezra's room is PRECIOUS!

Former Party Girl said...
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Andrea June said...

Awesome! I wish I had a sexy handyman to help me out around the house....
You guys have done an AMAZING job. I don't think my closet was ever that organized as a child. Come to think of it, it's still not that organized. :)

Jeninacide said...

Yay! I have to say I am jealous of your closets! We worked on the nursery this weekend and something MUST be done about the closet. It needs HELP!

Flo Oakes said...

That looks fabulous!
I LOVE the bookcase too.
I have found that it is SO much easier to keep up on the housework, etc., when I actually have a place to put things. I have a hard time staying organized.. so baskets, boxes and shelves are always good for me too. Although, I usually need someone to help me figure out where and how to set it all up. I 'm not that good at that kind of thing, your closets look amazing!

Laura said...

We did the exact same thing with the pending baby's room. Everything from patching to painting to "custom sizing" the closet pieces. But those are the most wonderful closet inventions ever.

Cristina Mathers said...

wow! love it! so whenever you are ready, my closets are waiting for you! = )

Candace said...

I can't wait to have our own place again so I can do weekends of organization and feel like life is easier just because I did a little clutter arranging or disposing. But I guess I have that to look forward to!
3 and 1/2 months and counting!!!!!