September 4, 2007

Home... Where the Biscuits Roam Free.

It appears that my son has gone and potty trained himself while I wasn't looking. I heard the toilet flush earlier today, and I walked in there to find this:

He's got the whole thing figured out, and I really haven't done anything other than buy him a couple of potty videos and praise him when he uses his big boy potty. Now, he's moved on to the real toilet, and he'll just run in there to go during the day whenever he's got his big boy underwear on. Pretty much my only role in the whole process right now is the designated underwear-taker-offer. So, I gotta be quick, or he'll climb up there and pee with the darn things still on.

We've attempted to take him out of the house without his diapers on, and we kept asking him if he had to go, but he kept saying "no". When Chris took him to the park, he had an accident, so I think the method to use outside of the house is where you just sit him on a potty every 20 minutes or so whether he says he has to go or not.

Ezra has always been a very tidy kid. If he spills ANYTHING, even water, he straight up freaks out. "oh no! oh no! oh no! oh no!" He won't calm down until you go get a napkin and then let him clean up his spill. I think this has really helped with the potty training bit because he doesn't like to be wet, so he runs right to the potty every time.

I'm so proud of the little butt-butt, and his biscuits look off-the-charts CUTE in those little Sesame Street undies. I pretty much can't keep my hands off of them during the day.

Who needs to eat so much sugar when something as sweet as this is running around your house?

chomp. chomp.


Flo Oakes said...

I got the following tip from several other moms, and it worked great for us:
You may think this is .... disturbing .... but the only way we still don't have "out of the house" accidents (and how I got Sera the rest of the way potty trained)
is to bring an extra potty in the car with us EVERY where we go.
It works great if we are on a long stretch of road without a bathroom, although...I just realized with a boy, a bush on the side of the road can easily be a bathroom....
hee hee.

Tiff said...

Man I hope when it comes time to potty-train Jack he takes to it with as much ease as Ezra has! :-) He is a cutie for sure! Hope ya’ll are having a lovely day!

Tara Jones said...

well, sounds like you're one lucky lady! i helped (*ahem* did it myself) potty train my niece. and the best way is to do what you're already doing. every 20 minutes make a super fun trip to the bathroom. "(gasp) let's go potty!"

Jeninacide said...

Mmm-Kay! Sign me up for one of THOSE kids! Please? Pretty please?

piper of love said...

I bought that book for my oldest and...he pooped on the tile floor.
He is housebroken now though...finally

Cristina Mathers said...

what a smart kiddo you have! maybe you could send him over to teach ellie?

Lainey-Paney said...

Potty trained himself?
OMG. I'm so impressed!

My son, Gage, will be two later this month. We plan to start the whole potty training process. We've dabbled in it a bit....but, haven't buckled down with any type of consistency....

BTW: what videos did you have your little guy watch???