September 3, 2007

Not to be Confused with Memorial Day.

It occurred to me this morning as I was sipping at my coffee and watching my elderly neighbor decorate his lawn with copious amounts of little American Flags that I have NO CLUE what Labor Day really is. American Flags? Really? I started thinking that maybe the holiday was in honor of some heroic American battle fought ages ago and that I should take a moment to pause and reflect on my personal freedom? The flags waving across the street threw me for loop.

This, coupled with the fact that Chris and I had a discussion last night about whether it was actually Labor Day or Memorial Day, left me feeling like a subpar American citizen. The only reason we figured it out was because I knew my dad and brother's birthdays were near/on Memorial Day, and I knew they were in May. So, Labor Day it is!

To celebrate Labor Day (not to be confused with Memorial Day) we took Ezra to the lake so that he could feed the ducks, but the ducks were nowhere to be found, so we settled for the playground instead. The boy played. It was hot. So we went to the mall, like good little Oklahomans.

As we walked into the mall, I felt all happy and gooey. The mall, she has a way of doing this to me. I turned and told Chris about how the mall made me happy, and then I had a sudden realization as to why this might be. It's because of all the shopping PEOPLE. As a stay at home mom, I don't interact with people very often. I'm at home by myself, or Ezra and I go to a park and there may be a few other adult humans there, but we all sit on separate benches and smile at eachother's kids without speaking. Playdates are great, but still it's only one or two adults interacting. I don't have many opportunities to be in large groups of PEOPLE. Where you can listen in on other's conversations or people watch or wander through the crowds and enjoy the hum of activity all around you. There is something so comforting to me about being surrounded by lots of people.

Ezra played at the fountain with a pack of adorable little boys for awhile. All the little boys were sharing coins with the other kids so that they each had a chance to throw one in the fountain. They reminded Chris of a mini pack of "Jets". Like from Westside Story.

Ezra is so friendly and sociable. I love to see him interacting with older and younger kids- trying to speak to them in his jibber-jabber language and imitating every little thing they do. This age has been a complete JOY.

In the car on the way home from the mall, I asked Chris what Labor Day was. He told me it was just a day that was designated for resting- for taking a break from work. I told him I didn't think so. He told me, yes, it was in fact true. I told him he had to be wrong because of the flags. He looked at me like I might be crazy.

When I got home, I googled 'Labor Day' and found out he was right. A day reserved entirely for NOT laboring. (Wouldn't it be crazy to go into labor on Labor Day?) So, in honor of the holiday (the holiday that is not to be confused with Memorial Day), I'm going to go get me a cold Bud Light from the fridge.

God Bless America.


Erik said...

Well, I do hope you enjoy your Bud Light. I get to be one of the lucky ones that gets to "Labor" on Labor Day.

Scott and Lorie said...

I didn't go into labor day on labor day.

Wanted to.

But didn't...=(

Tara Jones said...

hey! my mom went into labor on labor day-ha! i arrived just in time for dinner and the weekend! booyah!

Karen said...

Funny...I only remember the difference because I was due on Labor Day. :) He came early, but I'll never confuse Labor day and Memorial day again!