July 6, 2007

Twenty Five.


Twenty Five RANDOM Things.

1. it's my birthday today. i'm twenty five years old. oh holy hell.

2. i've never been freaked out by an age until now. in fact, between ages 22 and 24, i got completely confused and often told people i was older or younger than i really was.

3. i don't like chocolate ice cream. i'm actually not a big chocolate fan in general.

4. every night, i turn ezra's blind UPWARDS because I am convinced that it blocks out more light. every time chris puts ezra to bed, i sneak in there and twist the blinds the correct way, facing up, because i can't sleep unless i know that i know they are in the right position. oh, and my closet curtain can't be open AT ALL, or i won't sleep. it makes the room feel "messy".

5. soooo, yeah. i'm a crazy person.

6. i could eat banana deserts 3 times a day.

7. i feel like i'm right on schedule for my 'quarter life crisis'... you know, the one that makes you feel like you have to have everything figured out by now, and you have to hone in on EXACTLY what you want to do with the rest of your life because it's getting to the point where ypur decisions have some permanency...

8. my hair is in my eyes right now and i think i'd rather blowtorch it than get up and find my headband.

9. i really liked 'LOST' and then i really hated it and then i was all into it last season, but the fact that i have to wait 9 months to see the next episode makes me kinda hate it again.

10. i'm ready for a change. a leap.

11. the other day, out in my garage, i found a spider that was like a mini tarantula. it was hairy and HUGE and its two front legs were black. then i died and went to heaven. (ooor maybe i almost blacked out with fear.) it was right where i needed to be standing to take pics for my vintage site, so i spent an hour getting up the courage to scoot it somewhere else. (it was dead, but FRESH DEAD. Not CRUNCHY DEAD. it was limp dead, people. like it could have gotten up and crawled away at any moment.) I tried to move him with a piece of paper but only pushed him closer to the wall and then died a thousand more deaths and ran inside to take a shower.

12. Then, a couple hours later, I looked out there and saw a beetle thingy that was monstrously hugenormous.

me lost in helmet.

13. i then vowed never to step foot in the garage ever again.

14. i don't like bugs.

15. i know they are good and necessary and the world would fall right off of its hinges if they didn't squirm in my garage or whatever, but i'd almost prefer a de-hinged world over having to see them with my eyes.

16. my brother jaxon doesn't believe in killing bugs.

17. the last time i saw him, i clobbered a wasp to death with my shoe. right under his nose. he didn't say anything, but i felt like a murderer the rest of the day.

18. is it just me, or is 25, like, old? somehow a whole lot older than 24?

19. five years from now, i'd like to be ___________________ haha just kidding I have absolutely NO IDEA. but wouldn't i sound all grown-up and fancy if i did?

20. twenty twenty twenty gallons of boogers have come from my son's nose the past week. if i never see another booger again, it will be too soon.

21. i started flossing a week or so ago... not because it's good for my teeth and gums, but because i have a dentist's appointment in a few days, and i don't want the hygienist lady to scold me for not flossing. because those hygienists are all psychic and somehow know when you haven't flossed in three years. or maybe the big giveaway is that my gums bleed whenever anyone so much as looks in their direction.

22. is this post really gross? it feels like everything i've said so far has been really gross or sort of gross. i'm not usually all gross and stuff. my apologies.

23. i plan to live brave.

24. i've always thought i was a homebody at heart but i'm starting to think that i'm actually a nomad. in homebody's clothing.

25. and... i think i'm growing up. (the scariest thing i've ever typed.)

i still make this face.


Scott and Lorie said...

Yeah I get to be the first to wish you Happy Birthday from blogland.
And no, your post was not gross, it just made me laugh.


Misguided Mommy said...


I have pregnant teeth right now, which means flossing them = extra blood = shannon petrified to floss!

post not gross, well cept the part about the spider, i often spend hours wishing i lived in the same bug free world as you! ahhhh that sounds like the life!

Misguided Mommy said...

oh yeah, i'm 25 also, and guess what??? I have to stop and think for a minute if I'm 25 or 26, so I guess the confusion doesn't even go away when you turn 25. dang

kachina said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm glad that the "age" confusion doesn't just happen to me...it's been happening ever since I turned 18. I was 21 and still telling people I was 17...


ps. your pictures--total cuteness.

Sissy said...

Happpy Biiirrrttthhhdaayy!! I turned 25 in March as well and I'm with you...a little bit scary for the first time! 25 seems so on top of the hill ready to ride the roller coaster down! ;) I'm still trying to convince myself it's not though and there is more GREAT life to be lived from here! Life is an adventure after all even after we are 25!! I feel like you have it a lot more together than me though with where your going and who you are! May this be the BEST year of your life!

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday, Emery!!

And thanks for your flossing confession, because WE ALL DO IT!!!

Tiff said...


Anne said...

Happy Birthday Emery Jo! Here is a big hug all the way from CA! Love you. Enjoy your day. P.S. 25 is not old...I'm turning 28 next weekend! Love you!

Anna Joy Photography said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a life-sized banana flavored cake!

Erin said...

For your birthday, I'll tell you that it was probably a Wolf Spider. Which sounds scary but is not because they are solitary, predatory spiders (they don't weave webs). Don't you feel better already? Seeing one does not necessarily mean the garage is full of them. Happy Birthday.

sufferingsummer said...

Happiest of Birthdays to you...I think we are soul mate families...I could have written this list myself...except in a month from now and and I'd have to add 5 points...that is right I will be 30 in a month, I'm actually feeling quite good about it but I think at 25 I had a mini-crisis. Somehow you make gross cute.
keep on living brave, it helps the rest of us fight to too!
Much love from the west coast, may your day bring much joy, little snot and no, absolutely no bugs!

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday!! I do the same thing w/ flossing too. :)

Megan said...

Happy Birthday Emery! I turned 26 in February and yeah - THAT is old. Oh, to be 25 again! :) Have an awesome day!

BTW - I have to shower after I see spiders too.

Bethy said...

Happy Birthday, my never met friend...I didn't know you were 25. It makes sense, having gone to school with Rebecca. However, it makes my 31 feel, well...disturbingly ancient. I am so old that I now live under that delusion that "age makes no difference, its LIKE I'm still in my early twenties..." THAT, my friend, is what old people say. Enjoy the 25. Loved the list.

Tara Jones said...

i know just what you mean! i am 25 (yikes!) and i was so depressed about it when the day finally came that i stayed in bed until noon watching old episodes of Friends. however, just as the shock of that day is starting to wear off i have realized that i will be turning 26 in 2 months. lord help me! i may not get out of bed ever again:)

Morgan said...

Happy Birthday Em!! Thanks for always making my day a bit brighter with your blogs! (P.S. I think I heard the whole city of Reno calling your name the other day.)

Em said...

Happy Birthday!

Try been 29! But a guy at work today thought i was 24, so i was very happy!

I could eat bananas deserts 3times a day! And i now hate lost!

R-becca said...

Yea! Bethy blog-commented. I LOVE her. She loves you and I love you (more). :) Happy Birthday again. Welcome to 25-hood. I made such a big deal in January where I was saying, "I'm glad to be 25. I'm happy with what I've accomplished and I'm just going to embrace it." I totally freaked out the next day. I still feel like I am meant to be 19 or something. That's a good age.

Momar said...

If you were here I would make you my famous BANANA CREAM PIE, made with extra rich creamy evaporated milk ... mmmmmmmm. Don't you remember how we had wolf spiders named in our old house? They carry their babies on their backs and are delightful creatures. Happy birthday beeny, you made me really laugh !!

oakie joel said...

my post from yesterday didn't come up, so this is a re-post...

yeah for lower car insurance and the ability to rent from ANY rental company.

boo for higher health insurance.

you're loved!!!

Cam said...

Happy Birthday!

25 is NOT old! Heck I just turned 34 a couple of weeks ago, and I don't think 34 is old.

I know what you're saying about Lost. :(

Christi said...

happy birthdya yesterday!

Amy said...

Hi Emery--

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. OF COURSE you can post a picture of your print and a link to my blog! But thanks so much for asking. And Happy Birthday--I'm really, really glad (and so touched) that you like the print. Thanks again.


Cheatwoods said...

happy birthday..............youv been tagged!


Happy Birthday, Emery! Lots of love and an amazing 25th year!