July 12, 2007

Summer Fashion 101.

Summer Fashion 101 !

Okay, so I've had a couple people ask me about Summer 'style' via my vintage site, and how they can get the look. For the Summer, there are a few KEY items that I couldn't live without. Pairing the right things together can create a whole new look, so I thought I'd do a little tutorial here...on my blog... because, um, wouldn't that be sooo helpful? And also- I'm BOREDY BORED SAUCE.

First, you start off with a very basic dress with a shorter length. For example:

This red cover-all shirt dress
that I just found at the GAP two days ago

Or, something like this grey dress that I also found
at the GAP... This is perfect because it has that
babydoll fit that is all the rage right now--
tighter around the top and a flowy bottom.

These two pieces are basic solid dresses, so you can accessorize them like crazy without looking too over the top.

Here's what every girl needs this Summer (in my opinion, that is...) :

One good elastic belt that is tight enough to fit snugly around your EMPIRE waist. I've found this handy for using to cinch around the waist of some of my skirts- bringing it up to just under my chest with a tank tucked in... I say, create the mini babydoll look with clothes you already have!

Two lighter cardigans: One that is plain, and one that is funky patterned. These are always the perfect finishing touch!

A pair (or two or threeeee!) of opaque, colored tights. These look great under shorter dresses and make it way more comfortable to wear the mini length at the same time!

A pair of simple black flats. Flats look great with the tights, and boy-oh-boy are they comfy!

One pair of strappy, gladiator-type sandals. These are really popular this Summer, and they complement the mini dresses perfectly! I found some cute ones (shown with the grey dress) at (you guessed it!) the GAP for $14.00.

Here's a couple examples of all these items put together:

I found ALL of these accessories, apart from the shoes, at thrift stores. Thrift stores are THE BEST places to look for accessories. You can almost always find lots of elastic belts, and you can also find some awesome unique cardigans that everyone and their mom won't be wearing as you walk down the street. (don't forget to look in the little girls & little boys section for cardigans-- I've found most of mine there!) I also found this pair of unopened tights (and a pair of hunter green ones too) for 25 cents a piece at a local thrift store and almost died from joy.

Also, I think this look would be completely complete if finished off with an oversized bag. Something like this:
bag is from topshop.

Oh! And, one last thing you'll need:

One silly, pants-less toddler to entertain you and blur your photos while you're trying to snap pictures for all your blog buddies. This last item is very important, because otherwise you might begin to take yourself too seriously. And that's never a good thing.


Jeninacide said...

Now I am going to have to go to the GAP! OMGoodness you are so cute BTW!

Momar said...

Em: You make this so easy .. I am usually in tears just trying to dress each day because it is so hard, and after shopping for clothes I am depressed for days. When you come to Reno, will you shop for me again?

Eva said...

Wow, basically both of those dresses would look terrible on me, but good on you!

PS: I am totally not wearing tights in the summer in Georgia!

Jessica Sutherland said...

I wanna get me an Ezra! Cuttest kid in Okalahoma (Ethan is here in Reno...say ya know...I'm aunti Jessi...)Ok maybe not an Ezra...maybe a Nehemiah!

sufferingsummer said...

ok, so good advice but really let's be honest here, you Emery are so dang cute you could look good wearing a burlap sack...