June 25, 2007

Mug Restrictions.

Busy weekend!

On Friday I planned a last minute surprise date night for Chris. Joel came over to watch Ezra and I took my hubby out to A MOVIE! We saw "Evan Almighty", and we both absolutely LOVED it. One of the things the movie talked about was "Acts of Random Kindness", and I couldn't help but think how amazing it was that earlier that day, I'd unknowingly placed myself in the middle of a chain of kindness of my own. (see last post) You all should see this movie. It is funny and uplifting.

On Saturday we went out to our friend's lake house again to celebrate three different birthdays. The house is about 30 minutes from where we live, and while we were driving to the house, it was pouring down rain and there was tons of lightning. (good thing I had my swimsuit and shorts on. heh.) (but at least I remembered to shave my legs this time.) We got about 4 houses away from the lake house and encountered a HUGE MASSIVE RUSHING RIVER cutting right across the road in front of us.

Our car tends to hydroplane when it hits liquid of any kind on the road. ("Watch out honey! Someone spilled a PEPSI!" SCREEECH!) Sooooo, there was NO way we were going to attempt to ford a river in the Matrix. We contemplated turning around and going home.

We called our friends who were already at the lake house and asked if anyone was brave enough (and maybe owned a hummer?) to come rescue us from the opposite side of the rapids. Our friend Amy decided she was crazy enough to try it in her Rodeo, and she gallantly charged the waters for us. She made it OK, but the way back through was quite scary and I think we almost didn't make it. But, you know, we did. That didn't stop me from telling everyone at the lake house moments later how we almost died. ALMOST! DIED!

You know how you always hear that you should never drive into water like that on the roadway? I had visions of us all being swept off to sea (well, swept off to lake) never to be seen again. But I'll be DARNED if we were going to miss out on yummy BBQ and free Sangria. If that's not worth risking your life for, I'd like to know what is.

It was totally worth it.

Then, on Sunday, Chris, Joel, and I led worship at church and then came home to BBQ the steaks that didn't get cooked at the lake house due to soggy briquettes and chance of lightning zaps. Then, I got to go thrift store shopping and found a motherload of awesomeness for my vintage site.

Oh, and did I forget to mention?


I feel like I've been given a second chance at life. It seems that the little bugger just needed a few days to actually drink the coffee. After a day or two of acting goofy, it is back and better than ever! WOOO WOOO!!!

We have since backed up all of our files onto Chris' iPod and OHDEARGOD we need to backup up the iPod STAT. And then backup whatever we back it up onto after that. And then... *hyperventilate*

Lord, I miss paper.

Thank you all for your very helpful suggestions and stories and letting me know that I'm not the only human ever to offer a MacBook a drink. And a special thanks to the brother-in-law Dave who called and walked us through a process that involved an Ethernet cable, an eMac, and much celebratory whooping and hollering from my sexy-beast-of-a-husband.

To prevent this from happening again, I have issued a proclamation stating that I, Emery Jo, will never again drink from a coffee mug whose bottom circumference is smaller than its top.

For example, a mug like this is no longer acceptable for Emery use:

Something like this, however, would be just fine:

With maybe a lid on top that would automatically close again after I took a sip. Anyone know where I can find a mug like that?


Misguided Mommy said...

i'm pretty sure we all now need a visual of you trying to drink out of that...please entertain us!

meg said...

i had a near death experience with my MacBook and an unstable coffee mug...glad yours' resurrected. i would've died if my pretty had crashed.

Lucky for me I seem to have cat-like reflexes and I saved it's lovely white skin from the coffee spill...(the carpet wasn't so lucky.)

Glad all is well.

Brittany said...

Just drink your coffee from a sippy cup from now on. No one will think you're weird. Promise!

oakie joel said...

you are way too funny. i was part of the mug joke on sunday, but i still laughed out loud when i saw your pics. i was talking to annamarie just now, and we both commented at how lucky we are to have you and chris and ezra around... thanks for being awesome.

Anonymous said...

You have given me hope... Brittany told me that you, too, had a coffee incident (mind was this morning)...so you're saying I should hold off on sending my laptop into dell? Did yours have creamer in it?

MoMar said...

Emery: Deep Sigh ! I am happy when you are happy ...

HollowSquirrel: Emery's coffee 90% CREAMER !!!

MoMar said...

Attention Emery Blogheads: Emery's birthday is in two weeks. Go here for the PERFECT birthday gift ...


Cam said...

Oh I like the sippy cup idea! That'll work.
I'm so glad it's working now!!!! Now you know the joy I felt when mine fired up and worked again!

Cristina Mathers said...

sippy cup!

Uncle Dave said...

See if you had mountains around you would only have needed to worry about the soggy briquettes...but C'est la vie.