June 15, 2007

Blind Search.

Last night my eyes were hurting so I decided to take out my contacts, which is this crazy thing I do every three months or so.

I then had to find my glasses so that I could read my book, and this required thinking allllll the way back to the last time I'd had my glasses on, which was sometime before we moved into this house. Usually when I take my contacts out, I just go straight to bed, so my glasses are never needed, but last night I wanted to read and watch that re-run of Fraiser I've seen 8 or 9 times already, so the search began.

I started the search by looking in the little drawers in my bathroom, because that's where my glasses have always been kept in the past. I rummaged... and I rummaged... and I rummaged some more. No glasses.

I am blind as a bat, so I felt my way over into the other bathroom. Much, much more rummaging ensued.

No glasses.

Can't see.

I felt my way back to the bedroom and tried to think of all the places my glasses could have gone to. I was frustrated at this point, and completely clueless as to where my spectacles were.

After about 20 minutes of searching, I went back to the very first place I'd looked. I decided to SQUINT this time so that I could see a little clearer.

Aaand my glasses were sitting RIGHT THERE in the first drawer I looked in. In plain sight. Except I couldn't see them because, you know, I COULDN'T SEE.

This morning I woke up to a thunderstorm squatting on my roof- completely lighting up my room every 8 seconds or so with such intense lightning that it didn't seem to matter that all my blinds were drawn, and exploding with such loud thunder that the pressure of each outburst seemed to threaten to push my roof down on top of me.

I slipped my glasses on again and came out into the living room where Ezra was watching his morning cartoons and Chris had a pot of coffee brewing. Mmmm.

Ezra looked at me like a stranger and proceeded to FREAK OUT because I had my glasses on. He was pissed. He didn't want me to wear them and kept demanding that I set them up on the kitchen counter... where all things go to disappear (as far as he knows).

Then he wanted to try them on.

And my headband too.

Because, apparently, all things must be inspected and approved by him before they are allowed anywhere near mommy's face.

(Good to know.)

scary mommy face with foreign objects on it! Agg!

east siiiide!

yep. these glasses seem to pass the yelling test ok.

looks better on him. FIGURES.


Misguided Mommy said...

since brandon has known me i've worn glasses, and yet he still gets pissed when i wear them. He tears them off and tries to snap them in half..sigh

Bethy said...

I love when Captain has to brush his hair, put on lipstick, and try to put contacts in his eyes when I am getting ready for my day in the morning. I don't know how far apart our boys are, but they seem to be at exactly the same spot...Just too fun. And everyday, it seems like TODAY he is a little boy, even more so than yesterday, no longer a baby. I love it.

Kristin Michelle Hunter said...

He is so cute Emery, What a blessing and he is really funny too. What a joy.