June 20, 2007

His Computer Drinks Decaf.

The moment after I hit 'publish' on my last blog, I went to set my coffee cup down on the table. Instead of staying in the upright position, like a good coffee cup would have, it fell sideways.

Towards Chris' laptop.

Which now does not work.

At all.

Aaaand "Warranty won't cover accidents" blah blah blah blah why the heck did we spend so much money on a warranty if it only covers the company's faults?

I know it's just a computer, but I can't shake this feeling of extreme guilt. I am beating myself up. I'm weepy. I'm still hanging onto the hope that we will be able to recover what was on the laptop- family pictures, all of Chris' business records and music files... and hundreds of dollars of software that was included on the laptop for free... software that I used for my business but will probably not have access to anymore.

I am tired and sad and feeling like I could have done without the last couple of days. Ezra is playing kickball with the tattered remains of my patience, and I'm wishing I could just curl up in a ball and SLEEP for the next week... maybe two.

Now, go back-up all of your important files. They don't make coffee mugs like they used to.


Flo Oakes said...

Wait....you guys have a Mac, right?
I asked Josh for his Mac expertise, and he said although the machine is doomed, there is hope for your data.
You could bring your hard drive into a Mac Specialist (NOT Apple store) and they could try to retrieve the data off of your hard drive for you.
I have DROPPED each of my laptops. I just dropped my replacement Macbook off of the kitchen counter. Don't feel bad.
Josh has some horrific stories of frantic college students, literally crying because 4 years of projects, files, their entire portfolios have been lost in an instant..so yes, everyone, back up your files!! :)

Misguided Mommy said...

So I know it doesnt even compair but I just dropped a celery stick covered in soy peanut butter all over my bright white laptop keyboard! Boo

Misguided Mommy said...

Oh yeah I'm a MAC lover too

Bethy Enniss said...

I am just so sorry for your loss. I know it is just a piece of hardware and metal. I know we shouldn't be so attached to these THINGS. I know the way we should react...but it just really REALLY sucks. It is because it contains so much time, so much life, so many moments and hard work. I will pray that it miraculously is put back together again :)...or that some brilliant friend of yours looks at it and says OH YEAH, the hard drive is FINE. I'll take all the good stuff off for ya :) ....or that a better computer somes your way soon :)

Cheatwoods said...

onh no em, im so sorry!

Cam said...

Oh, I'm probably too late reading this, but I'll share anyway just in case...
a few weeks back, G spilled a cup of water right next to my laptop (an iBook) and the water went right inside all the usb ports & stuff on the side. Immediately the computer did funky things and died. Philip disassembled what he could (he didn't open the motherboard) and dried everything he possibly could with a hair dryer.
Then it would turn on & start up, but unfortunately the keyboard didn't work anymore.
He called a Mac technician and he told him to TURN IT OFF (having it on allows the moisture to get more and more into the motherboard and causes more damage the longer it's on), take out the battery, and open the computer up as much as possible, and let it air out for at least an entire day--preferably outside in some dry air or wind, if possible. He said that's their first advice to anyone with a water-logged laptop that's not working, and that surprisingly, it works fairly often. Luckily it was a dry, breezy day, so we opened it, took out the battery, and set it outside all day. When we brought it back in that night, I was skeptical that it would work...but it did. It was a bit quirky that night & did some weird things, but it's been perfectly fine ever since. I hope you can get yours back up & running. That just stinks.