May 29, 2007

Memorial Day @ the Lake House!

ethan and ezra on their personal water taxi.

our friend don's brave roof jumping stunt.
(it was much more graceful once he was up there.)

cutest thing on earth.

the boys relaxing poolside

steve of the grill

see these little swim shorts he's wearing? They are vintage and I got them at the goodwill for 50 cents. Im going to make him wear them until he's 10 years old because they are just THAT CUTE... mwah!

After eating and playing games and diving in the pool, a few of us went on another golf cart ride. Only this time, instead of it being pitch black outside with nothing but a dim flashlight to light our path, it was pouring rain. Good times.

Hope your weekend was just as fantabulous!


Mommy & Nehemiah said...

my son would have totally jumped into the pool if he was sitting on the edge.

sufferingsummer said...

three cheers for vintage!