April 26, 2007

His Eyelashes Speak a Thousand Words.

I am wordless...

So, here are some recent pictures of Ezra-face! Wee!

Don't be TOO amused... he's in the middle of throwing a fit. *cringe*

His head is an orb... a little lightbulb in my backseat.

Mute button. Pointed right at ME.

Hippie beanies are for everyone!


OK, I saw Ezra sitting like this one day and I was like OMG Ezra is totally sitting CROSS-LEGGED and I ran and got the camera and took about 50 pictures JUST LIKE THIS ONE. I kept saying, "Look, Chris! He's cross-legged!" and I kept taking pictures while Ezra just sat there like a statue. I thought this was great stuff. Now, looking back, I realize that THIS WAS NOT A BIG DEAL. (But at least I have 50 pictures of the occasion.) heh.

The traditional "I'm going to take a picture of us so that we will have a picture to prove that YES we did hang out a lot and, see? We're so happy! (except for you.)"


Andrea June said...

Cutie patootie!!! Makes me want a hippie beanie, too :)

momar said...

What I would give for a BLOG like this of my childhood. I didn't really know my parents as people and I don't have many memories of my childhood. This would be priceless. I wish I had documented your childhood better, I know how much you would appreciated it now ! At least somebody in our family is finally THINKING !

Anna Joy Photography said...


Flo Oakes said...

The cross-legged bit was awesome, because I think all of us mommies can relate! Why are things like that so heartbreakingly cute?!

Candace said...

miss you guys soooooo much.......love you bunches!!!! oh and by the way your hair is looking ADORABLE!

Cam said...

Sweet pics. :)