March 13, 2007

And the BLECH Continues.

Ezra has been throwing up every evening for three days now and (oh yeah!) I now have an abscessed molar.

We are meant to get on a plane and fly back home in the next two days, but he is really congested and my ears are plugged up and the dentist wouldn't open up my tooth to drain away the throbbing pressure because he said that hollowing a tooth right before you get on an airplane is like asking someone to pull off all of your fingernails for you. In slow motion. Ok, maybe he didn't say that, but it was something along those lines. So- more antibiotics for me! And some Hydrocodone for the pain! And someone please kill me now!

Is there a big, cosmic sign on my back that says 'Kick me'? I feel like there is. It was probably stuck on there after I had those mean thoughts towards that lady in the grocery store that was on one of those motorized cart thingys. She almost ran into me when I was getting my milk because she couldn't quite steer it well, and I thought in my head how annoying it was that I almost got ran over in the milk isle and then immediately felt terrible for being so harsh towards a woman who wasn't even well enough to walk through a store like I could.

Perhaps I deserve to clean up yarf from the crevices of my parent's new car after Ezra had decided to hold it in all day until the very moment I'd buckled him into his car seat... Perhaps I deserve to feel pain in my face that caused me to have sweet dreams of pulling a tooth out of my head with rusty pliers while dancing around in a green, grassy meadow...

I dunno. All I know is that I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I am glad to be in Reno, though. Something about having mommy near by is a comfort to me and my lack of knowing-what-to-do-when-kid-is-sick skills. My momma's got answers. And experience. And a carpet shampoo-er for the messy times. These are all very good things.

Reno, on the other hand, has changed a bit since I've lived here. The traffic is much more congested. Oh, and I don't remember being creepily stared at so often by creepy creep dudes in their creepy creep cars through their creepy creep rear-view mirrors. I find myself wanting to yell, "Hey, Reno! Your pervy side is showing!" while I sink slowly behind the dash of the car.

The weather has been beautiful here, though. It was a record shattering 78 degrees today. People keep saying that it's too early to plant anything yet because they are sure there will be another cold snap before Spring officially arrives. I'm not too sure, however, because Chris' grandpa Bill bought a new snow blower on sale the other day, and he's now thoroughly convinced that because he finally broke down and made such a purchase, it will NEVER SNOW HERE AGAIN.

A strong argument, if I do say so myself.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there honey! I miss you soo soooo much! Thanks for making me laugh this morning with you witty banter about Reno. Again I say, PUBLISH!

sufferingsummer said...

ahh man that sucks. I am glad you are near your does make such a difference in times like that...i hope it passes quickly and your little man sleeps all the way home on the plane and maybe you can as well!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, there will be NO planting things until the snow is off Peavine! And we are farrrrrr from that.

I hope you are feeling better soon. Prayers for a narf-less flight!

R-becca said...

Dear...dear...dear, Emery. I am so saddened to hear of your ongoing struggle with illness and pain.

You don't deserve it - you deserve love and flowers and puppies and driving around Reno with me. I wish I could be there to fend off the creepos.

No matter how much puke comes from your family, I'll still love you.

Britt said...

I hope you all get feeling better soon. I think you've had your fair share of the yarfies. It's time to move on!

Hey! You're only like... one state away from me right now! It's almost like we're "real life" friends now... only... not. But we're dang close!

Misguided Mommy said...

Okay lookout people, my comment abilities are back and in action. First of all GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. I'll give you my address, please put some in the mail since NONE of my grocery stores have them, its like the girl scouts know i'm dieting. Next. How cruddy you have been so sick. I've been hit with food poisoning and the flu three times this last month and the best thing I can say is it helped my diet. Anyway hope you and the bug are feeling better. Enjoy your flight home kiddos.

Megan said...

I think I thought Reno was just like that - with the creepy creeps, I mean. I've been here for 23 months now, and I've always sort of encountered that...although more downtown...which is not a place I frequent...usually.