February 7, 2007

I Never Claimed to be a Poet. (and now you all know why.)

Thank you guys for helping us name our monkey. And now, your prize! Yes, it's cheesy rhyming poetry!


We've been friends since the beginning,
when the braces ruled my face;
You've made me laugh so hard
I spit milk all o'er the place.
(some went in your mouth, remember?? Serves you right.)

We had a notebook we called 'Barney'
that is still perched upon my shelf,
we filled this book with secrets
meant for us and no one else.

I could share pictures, tales, and nicknames
that would make you turn quite red-
but I'd have to make it rhyme,
so I'll just say this instead:

You may have rolled in dog poop;
You may have (oops!) peed by the shore;
but you'll ALWAYS be my bestest friend-
the one I endlessly adore.


You are the vibrant daughter
of a dearest friend of mine,
I've heard your lovely singing voice
and think that it's divine!

You are a little princess,
you've even got the dress-
you've got grace and spunk galore
you'll always be a huge success...

The world is your oyster, darling-
Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!
Turn that box into a Broadway stage
and your heart will lead the way!



MoMar said...

Chewgy the Brown Clown should be proud. You are a poet (and don't know it?)

R-becca said...

MY POEM!!!!!

hahahahaha, I love it SO MUCH - I'm gonna post it on myspace. I cannot BELIEVE you mentioned the peeing and dog poop thing...luckily I'm not so embarrassed by it now. Remember when Emily told Mike about the dog poop? I hated her from that point on.

rebekah said...

we love it!!! soo sweet - thanks emery!

Cam said...

Those were cute! :)

Paige said...

Very sweet.

Anonymous said...

I know not how others may feel, but as for me, I LOVE YOUR POEM>